e.l.f. Blush Review

One thing I love about the e.l.f. (Eyes. Lips. Face.) brand is the selection. Not only is there multiple colors but they also have different formulas for everything. One product I’ve not tried too much of is their blushes. As of right now I’ve only tried the e.l.f. Blush with brush, yes that is the name. It comes in three colors: Glow, Shy and Blushing. I have Glow and Blushing. These blushes are $2.00.

Blushing is a gorgeous dark pink color. It looks much darker on the website than it really is. It is very buildable so you can have as light or as dark of a pink color as you want. It does have shimmer in it but I love that. I’m wearing this in every picture of me throughout the blog because honestly this has been my favorite blush for the past few months.

Glowing looks like a light pink on the website but it is more of an orange-tan color. I had high hopes for this but it was way too dark for my skin. However, I’m sure it would be beautiful on somebody with a deeper skin tone. It also has shimmer in it. I think I’m going to try it as an eyeshadow because it really is a pretty color.

I really loved the formula of these blushes. They’re not too powdery, last all day and have no scent. I might try the Shy color eventually but it looked like just a lighter color pink and since Blushing can be light or dark I just didn’t see a point in having both. I really recommend trying these blushes. I hope this was helpful! Have a great day!


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