Petal Fresh Facial Clay Masque Review

DSC00068 (1).JPG

If you look around my blog it is very obvious that I love Petal Fresh skin care products. They are all cruelty free and most are vegan and organic. I’ve been on a face mask kick here lately but I didn’t have any of the clay style, just sheet masks. Then I came across this in Ross, retail store, a few weeks ago. It is the Petal Fresh Botanicals Age Defying Facial Clay Masque. It is color and paraben free. It claims to purify blackheads and pores.I paid $3.00 for mine at Ross and it is $5.50 on the website.

As usual for Petal Fresh products, I loved this. It has such a mild, clean scent. It’s not too thick but it’s not runny. I have very sensitive skin on my face and this didn’t burn or irritate it in any way. My skin did feel tight after using it so I used my regular moisturizers but I believe that’s just the mask firming the skin, not drying it out.   I’ve only used it one time so I’m not sure if it actually helps with pores and blackheads; but it made my skin feel so nice and clean I’ll use it even if doesn’t help in those areas.

I think that’s pretty much it. I’ve not came across a Petal Fresh product yet that wasn’t worth buying so see if you can find this! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

petal-fresh-face-maskI got the clay everywhere lol but this was such a great mask!



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