Mini Haul From Glamour Dolls Cosmetics: Lips and Eyes

I am so excited to talk about my newest mini haul! I was looking online for a new cruelty free makeup brand to try and I came across an indie brand called Glamour Dolls Cosmetics. They don’t have too much of selection right now, mainly just lip and eye products, but everything is so cheap. I don’t think there is anything over $5.00, and yet they offer free shipping if you spend $20.00, so very budget friendly. Glamour Dolls is a totally vegan brand. I purchased a lip jelly that has honey, or what I thought was honey, but the brand reached out to me and let me know that it is synthetic honey, so no worries there.

I bought two eyeshadows in the shades Sorcery, the  gold, and Athena, the plum. Sorcery is a shimmery color and Athena is matte. I really really like these. Both are very soft shadows and neither have much fall out. Sorcery is a bit more pigmented than Athena but both are buildable. These are very nice shadows and I will be trying more of the other colors. These are $3.99.


The last thing I bought for eyes is the gel eyeliner. As of right now this is only offered in the color ultra black. I love this eyeliner! Like this might possibly be my new everyday eyeliner. It’s ultra black like it claims and so creamy. It does smear a little easier than some eyeliners because it is so creamy but even that’s not too bad. This eyeliner is also paraben free. I definitely will be repurchasing this and it’s only $1.99.

I may have only bought these because they’re called Kitty Kisses haha. Kitty Kisses are pigmented lip balms. I bought the colors Hiss, the plum, and #cathairdontcare, the light pink. I swatched both but the light pink is just too sheer to show up. All the Kitty Kisses balms are spf 15. I love both of these. They go on smoothly, are very moisturizing and have a long wear time. Honestly these will probably replace my Carmex lip balm. These are $2.99.

Next for lips I bought the Gloss Snob lipgloss in the color Mood Ring. It is a beautiful wearable color. It’s very pigmented, creamy and not sticky at all. There’s nothing I hate more than a gloppy sticky lipgloss and this one is perfect. It’s only $1.99.


The last thing I bought is the Lip Jelly with Honey. I have mixed feelings about this. It has a very sickeningly sweet smell and goes on super thick, well like a jelly. It’s supposed to condition your lips but I would have to try it out long term to see how it does. I like it enough to keep using it but I doubt I’ll repurchase it. It is $3.99.

I am extremely happy with my purchase from Glamour Dolls. The packaging was just adorable and the products are great quality. Once they get a few more products on the website I’ll definitely order again.  If you haven’t already, go check them out! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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