e.l.f. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Review

I watch quite a few different beauty YouTubers and one of my favorites is KathleenLights, I’m sure most of you know who that is. She has talked about e.l.f.’s Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadows quite a few times so I wanted to try them out. I was not disappointed. I bought two colors, Party, the gray/blue color, and Toast, the gold. I was able to buy Party very cheap because it was being discontinued. However, I’m sure you can still find it in some stores and Toast is still available. These are $3.00.

I love the texture of these eyeshadows. They are whipped and very similar in texture to the Smudge Pots but not as wet. These shadows are like a firm, gel texture. It’s kind of hard to explain but maybe you can understand what I mean. These do not go on to the eyelid well with a brush for some reason. If you want the kind of pigment like what is pictured on my arm above you would have to use your finger or something else to get the shadow to be thick like that. However, I put on a brown eyeshadow and then used a brush to put Toast over that and it was beautiful. The eyeshadow brush thins out the texture to where it’s mainly just glitter and flecks of gold, or silver if you use Party. I think these would be great worn alone, under an eyeshadow or over an eyeshadow like I tried. These are very versatile little products to just be $3.00. Also, as I’m sure you can tell, these do have a ton of glitter in them. If you don’t like glitter you won’t like these.

I plan to buy all the colors e.l.f. has available the next time I place an order. You can just use these for so many things. Let me know if you’ve tried these before! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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