My Uses For Coconut Oil


I’m aware that everybody and their mother knows that coconut oil is good for many things but I thought I’d throw out my uses for it and tell you how it works for me. I’ll start by saying that I only use virgin/extra virgin and organic coconut oil. I’m a bit of coconut oil snob because if it’s going in or on my body I like it to be as pure as possible. I’ll number all my uses for ease of reading.

  1. I use it as a hair mask. It really helps to condition split and dry ends. A word of caution though, if you’re not careful this can make your hair oily for days. Try to keep it on just the lower half of your hair. I put this on my hair while the hair is dry and I let it sit for about five minutes or so, then I go wash it out in the shower and condition like usual.
  2. I use it as a moisturizer. Coconut oil is great for severely dry or irritated skin. It’s gentle enough to be used anywhere on the body. This is not my go to facial moisturizer because it makes my skin too oily, however, since I irritated my face with Apple Cider Vinegar coconut oil is the only thing gentle enough for it right now.
  3. I give it to my cats. Coconut oil used for cats can help with hairballs, infections, bad breath, stomach issues and respiratory problems. My boy cat, Binx, has stomach issues and this didn’t help him. It actually made him sick and he couldn’t control his bowels, so obviously, I stopped giving it to him immediately. My girl cat, Sophie, still gets it. She has some kind of respiratory issue, more than likely feline asthma, and I’ve been giving her this to help with that. It hasn’t so far but she hasn’t been taking it long. Be cautious when using it with your cats.
  4. I give it to my dog. Coconut oil used for dogs can help with digestion, bacterial infection, coughing,  arthritis and it increases energy. My dog has not had any bad side effects from using this. However, still be cautious when using for dogs. 

There is literally hundreds of uses for coconut oil. I know many use it as a makeup remover, to cook with and in homemade skincare products. Let me know what you use coconut oil for! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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