The Dumbest Thing I’ve Done for My Acne and Skin (Recently)


I have mild to moderate hormonal acne caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOs. What this means is that no matter how clean my face is, what I eat or what products I use I still break out because of my hormones. That’s not to say that what you eat and use doesn’t help because it does. Cutting out milk and the majority of other dairy products and using Witch Hazel has helped my skin significantly. However, I’m always willing to try new things that may help my skin. I read that Apple Cider Vinegar is great for acne and as a natural toner. So, I go to my local Aldi’s store and purchase their organic brand of Apple Cider Vinegar full of hopes for the clear skin I was going to have.

No. This was a disaster. The second I put this on my face it started to burn and turn red. Not only did this not give me “immediate” results, like I have seen claimed in many places, it gave me what looked like a chemical burn and caused my skin to peel. In fairness, I have very sensitive skin so I should have expected this result. I can’t tell you if this works for acne but I can tell you to be careful if you have sensitive skin. The only thing my skin has tolerated since using this is Virgin Coconut Oil.

It wasn’t a total waste, though. Apple Cider Vinegar does have a ton of supposed uses such as helping with weight loss, helping with bacterial infections, controlling blood sugar and a host of other things. I say supposed because I haven’t used it for these things and I don’t know for sure that it works. It also has many supposed uses for cats and dogs. For cats it can help with bladder blockages, upper respiratory issues, fleas, mange, mites and ear infections. For dogs it can help to improve digestion, help arthritis, clears skin infections, alleviates itching and help with fleas. I have NOT used Apple Cider Vinegar for any of my animals so it’s important for you to research before giving it to your animals. One of my cats does have respiratory issues and I plan to try this with her. After I’ve tried it for a long enough period of time I’ll edit this to let you know if it helped.

Well guys, that’s my warning. If you try Apple Cider Vinegar for your skin, pets or anything else do it with caution. Let me know what uses you have for it and what your experiences have been! Thank you for reading and have a great day!




One thought on “The Dumbest Thing I’ve Done for My Acne and Skin (Recently)

  1. Kelsey Tidwell says:

    I use apple cider vinegar for kidney stone prevention. Supposedly the thing it did to your skin is what it does to kidney stones. 🙂 I will say that a stone that was observed in my right kidney a couple years ago hasn’t given me any trouble, so I’d like to believe it’s gone (but I haven’t been checked again to verify that).

    It is highly acidic, so if taking internally always dilute it with other liquids. It WILL burn your esophagus! I often put my dose in a 32oz or bigger size of Lipton Green Tea, which takes it’s nasty taste down several notches. It takes some getting used to, but it’s very doable, and if you’re interested in it’s other uses, check out what Dr. Oz had to say:

    A simple Google search will tell you everything you’d ever wonder about apple cider vinegar. I use Bragg’s brand, organic and “with the mother”, a mass of probiotic microbes in every bottle. Looks like snot, but isn’t. I buy it at Wal-Mart, but I looked at the Aldi’s brand shown above and it’s also “with the mother”, so I’ll bet it’s just as good for you.

    One liquid you should NEVER mix it in is milk (just thinking about that is nasty anyway). I forget the details, but the acid/base quality of milk negates a lot of the vinegar’s benefits.

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