e.l.f. Runway Ready Lip Palette Review


I want to start this review with an apology. My makeup quit on me like two hours ago so you will notice these pictures aren’t the most beautiful things ever. So just ignore my face and focus on the lip colors haha. On to the review…

I recommended the e.l.f. Runway Ready Lip Palette in my How To Get a Total Face of Makeup for $60.00 post. I got this palette for free in one of my orders but it is usually $8.00. It has it’s pros and cons but I really like it. You get a wide variety of glossy shades for not a lot of money. Each shade is pigmented and they do dry down once they’re on the lips, but they do stay glossy. None of the shades are sticky and they have a very light, fruity scent and taste. The palette is in a travel friendly container with a mirror. My main issue with this is the staying power. If you eat or drink the color is going to be totally gone. They also smear outside the lips very easily. This can be a problem because since these lipsticks are in a palette it can be hard to reapply them when you’re on the go.

Overall, I do recommend these. For $8.00 you’re getting six different lipsticks. Are they the best quality? Well no, but they look good for the price. I’m going to put all the pictures of the swatches and the lipsticks on my lips in a slideshow below. Let me know what e.l.f. Cosmetics lip products you’ve tried! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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