e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line Blush Review

I absolutely love e.l.f.’s $2.00 blush and their $4.00 Baked Highlighter and Blush so I decided to try another blush right in the middle of those price points. I bought their Studio Line Blush in the color Berry Merry for $3.00. They have quite a few colors to choose from in this type of blush ranging from light to dark and pretty much all of them have at least a pink tint. From what I can tell online some have shimmer but some do not. This color, Berry Merry, does have shimmer.

The blush applied onto the skin very well and has no scent. It’s extremely pigmented, which is good and bad. This color is way too dark for my skin. I was hoping it would be a light, shimmery berry but no it’s a very dark berry color. I think it would be gorgeous on somebody with a deeper skin tone but on me it just looked like I had a fever. I had to really, really work to lighten this up and to get the color in the picture above.

I think this blush is great quality for the price. This particular color doesn’t work for me but I’m definitely going to try some of the other ones. Well that’s about it. Let me know if you’ve tried any e.l.f. blushes! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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