Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer Review

If you haven’t noticed I buy and review a TON of concealers. I have a lot to conceal like acne, acne scars and redness so I need a good, full coverage concealer. I had heard good things about the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer and since it’s only $6.00 and cruelty free I decided to try it. The only other products I’ve tried from this brand was one of their eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow primer, I hated both. So let’s get into this and I’ll let you know how it worked for me.

I actually have very mixed feelings about this concealer. For starters, I bought mine in the lightest shade, Ivory. It is way too light for my skin, but that is of course my fault. Hard Candy has a pretty varied shade range from very light to deeper tones. As far as coverage this was actually pretty good. It claims to be able to cover tattoos and I don’t have any so I couldn’t test this out, but I don’t think it has that good of coverage. It didn’t completely cover acne scars so I’m not sure how it could cover tattoos. It applied and blended into the skin very well and I don’t think it made my pores look more noticeable like some concealers do. My only complaint is this CLINGS to dry skin terribly. If you have any dry skin on your face this is going to make it very noticeable. If your skin is oily or you just don’t struggle with dry areas I think  this concealer would probably work great for you.

Since the shade I bought is too light for me I’m going to use it under my eyes to help brighten them. I did like this, just not around my nose where my skin stays dry. As far as cruelty free and drugstore concealers go this is one of the best I’ve tested out. Let me know what your favorite cruelty free concealer is! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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