Andalou Naturals Lift & Firm Cream Review


Surprise! I’m reviewing another Andalou Naturals product! JK, that was sarcasm. I review something from this brand like every other week, but I just LOVE them so much. Almost everything I’ve used has been fantastic, however, any of their rose scented products really irritate my skin. This is odd because their rose products are for sensitive skin so I don’t understand why I have an issue. Anyways, today I’m going to tell you about one of their facial creams. The Hyaluronic Lift & Firm Cream, to be exact. This stuff sells for a whopping $24.95 on their website. Let me go ahead and tell you, do not pay that much for this stuff. I bought mine for $4.00 at TJ Maxx.

Like everything from this brand this cream is gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, paraben free and sulfate free. It claims to lift the skin, firm the skin and be age defying. I am only 24 so I really don’t need age defying products right now but I think it’s never too early to start preventive measures. With that being said, I can’t tell you if this would really lift and firm wrinkles because I don’t have any. As just as a facial cream it is very thick and moisturizing. It is not greasy or sticky and it did not cause any redness or irritation.

Overall, I would recommend this but only if you can get it on sale. It’s good but it’s not great. It hasn’t gotten rid of my undereye bags or any dryness, but it does seem to help. That’s basically it. Let me know what your favorite cruelty free moisturizers are! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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