NYX Go-To Palette in Bon Voyage and Hot Singles Eyeshadow Review

I decided to combine NYX’s Go-To Palette in Bon Voyage and one of their Hot Singles Eyeshadows in Kush  in one review because I really wanted to talk about the single shadow but didn’t feel that just one warranted a separate post.

First up, let’s talk about this gorgeous palette. On the NYX website it is $17.00, usually more than I like to pay because I’m very budget oriented (aka cheap) but I feel this palette is worth it. In it you are getting six jewel toned eyeshadows, a golden highlight, a coral toned blush and a contour shade. I do not contour so that is the only part of this that I can’t give an opinion on but it feels very nice and creamy. The texture for each product in this is pretty much the same. They are very creamy and smooth but can have fall out. I noticed the blush and the brown eyeshadow feel a bit drier and has more fallout but nothing terrible. The blush is also a bit darker for my skintone than I prefer but it’s beautiful when blended out. The highlight is one of my all time favorites now. It just leaves a beautiful glow that isn’t too glittery. I love all of the eyeshadows. I would say my most used are the three on the bottom. The brown and cream colored eyeshadows are matte and the rest are more of a satin finish with some shimmer. I think this palette would be great for traveling. The packaging is very sturdy and you have quite a few of the products you would need in one palette. NYX also offers a more neutral version of this palette called Wanderlust that I’m sure I’ll pick up eventually because I just love the formula of this. If you are debating on picking up any of NYX’s palettes please consider this one. I don’t think you would regret it.

The Hot Singles Eyeshadows are $4.50 a piece and typically I would never spend that on just one but I saw this color and had to have it. Green is my favorite color and I have way too many green eyeshadows, that I almost never wear, but I NEEDED this one. This shade is called Kush and it just a matte gorgeous green. The formula was excellent, pretty much the same as the formula in the Go-To Palette. I would repurchase another Hot Singles shadow if there was a color I just had to have or if they put them on sale, which they do from time to time. If you don’t mind paying that much for a single I definitely recommend these.

I have been buying way too many NYX eyeshadows here lately. Not too long ago I reviewed their Lid Lingerie Matte Eyeshadow Palette. I still love it but I will say the formula of the Go-To Palette and of the Hot Singles is much better than the Lid Lingerie Palette. One of my biggest pet peeves is when brands are not consistent with all of their products. Some products will be great while others are garbage and NYX is so guilty of this. Anyways though, I would love to know what you think of these or what you’re favorites from NYX are!  Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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