Book Review of “Lord of Shadows” by Cassandra Clare



Before I start this review let me say Cassandra Clare is in my top five favorite writers. I absolutely love/loved “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Infernal Devices” series and “The Dark Artifices” has been just as awesome. Lord of Shadows is the sequel to Lady Midnight in this series. I usually wouldn’t review a sequel first but this is fairly new so I wanted to review it after reading it. If you’ve never read anything by Cassandra Clare do yourself a favor and go read “The Mortal Instruments”, then read “The Infernal Devices” and then go get both books in “The Dark Artifices” series. It’s a lot of books and reading but if you’re into young adult fantasy you will LOVE these books.


All the books I own by Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Angel through Clockwork Princess is the prequel series “The Infernal Devices”. City of Bones through City of Heavenly Fire is “The Mortal Instruments” series and my favorites. Then there is Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows for “The Dark Artifices” series. The Bane Chronicles is a stand alone and not one I care for.



Lord of Shadows picks up exactly where Lady Midnight ended. Emma avenged her parents and succeeded in killing the warlock, Malcolm Fade, but her problems didn’t end there. She’s still in love with her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn. It’s against the law for the two to love each other and can trigger a deadly curse. Neither can fight their feelings so they try their hardest to just stay apart. As they try to move on with their lives strange things begin to happen along the coast. Demons are rising from the ocean at higher rates than usual. The Shadowhunters know that something is causing them to leave the ocean and soon they learn what…or who is behind it. Malcolm Fade rises from the ocean and comes to the academy to face the Blackthorns. Through dark magic he is still alive and still determined to raise his lover, Annabel Blackthorn, from the dead. The young Blackthorn’s uncle, Arthur, sacrifices himself to save the children and his blood completes the ritual to raise Annabel. To Malcolm’s surprise Annabel is filled with fury when she arises and she murders Malcolm and then disappears with the dark spellbook used to raise her from the dead. At this time Julian, Emma, Cristina and Mark are in Faerie. The Seelie Queen allows them to see all that occurred with Arthur, Malcolm and Annabel through her scrying glass. She makes a deal with the Shadowhunters that if they can get the Black Book for her she will side with the Clave against the UnSeelie King to end the Cold Peace. She also tells Julian in secret that she knows a way to break his parabatai bond with Emma which would allow them to be together but she will only do it if she has the Black Book. The young Shadowhunters leave the court determined to find Annabel and the Black Book and hopefully end the terrible Cold Peace.

My Thoughts

I tried to not spoil too much of the story in the synopsis above but a lot happens after they leave the Seelie Queen’s court and I obviously think you need to read it for yourself. This book was great. There wasn’t one part of it that I didn’t enjoy or that was boring to me. All of the characters are well thought out and relatable. This one also had a few heart breaking surprises that in true Cassandra Clare fashion has me dying for the next book.

As I’ve said multiple times I really recommend all of these books. I plan to back up and review every one of them but that will take some time. If you’ve read this book or any of these books let me know what you thought about them! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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