Possibly the Worst Makeup I’ve Ever Put On My Face- Shea Moisture Foundation & Eyeshadow Review

I was going to review the Rich Earth Palette and the Weightless Shea Serum Foundation  from Shea Moisture separately but since I really didn’t like either one I decided to combine the reviews. Shea Moisture is a company that makes skincare products, haircare products and cosmetics. I would say they are mostly known for their great products for people of color. The brand is cruelty free with many vegan options. They only use fair trade and organic ingredients. All of their products are free from: parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil, DEA, petroleum, formaldehyde and propylene. Overall, they are an amazing brand but like any brand they have their hits and misses when it comes to products.

I purchased their Serum Foundation for $14.99 in the color Porcelain. Porcelain is the lightest shade they offer and it was a perfect shade match for me. This was my first experience with a serum foundation but from the reviews I had read I knew it would be a little runny with light to medium coverage. It was all of those things but it honestly wasn’t too runny when shaken well. I wanted to love this so much because it seemed to be a healthier option for my skin but this just looked like an ungodly mess on my face. It CLUNG to every bit of texture, acne and dry skin. It highlighted my pores and it wouldn’t blend in well. I tried this over two different primers, Milani and Wet n Wild, with powder and without powder. Nothing made this look good. I even tried just rubbing it into my skin like a tinted moisturizer but that was awful looking as well. I do not have a picture of my finished makeup with this because I washed it off every time because I just couldn’t stand it. As for scent, it has a very mild paint like scent that’s pretty common with foundation. This is the most expensive foundation I’ve ever purchased and it’s completely useless to me.

I purchased the Rich Earth Palette on sale for $12.49, regular price is $24.99. I did not need another eyeshadow palette but I feel like every makeup lover has those products they’re just drawn to and for me that’s eyeshadows and lipsticks. This palette also had most of the colors I love which is browns, golds and green so I decided to try it out. It includes eight eyeshadows (three mattes and five shimmers), a lip gloss and a blush. The blush is far too dark for me so I would use it as an eyeshadow, which I haven’t tried yet. The lip gloss was very nice. It is fairly buildable and not too sticky. It is just a gloss so there really isn’t any staying power. My major disappointment with this is the eyeshadows. They are just so dry, crumbly and unpigmented. The matte cream color and all of the bottom row are pretty good. The two matte browns on the bottom left take a bit of work but they can look very nice. The other light shades on the top are just awful. It’s so confusing to me because with most brands the shimmers are fantastic where as the mattes will be just meh. It’s completely opposite in this palette. If you want similar shades to this but with an awesome formula (and cheaper) go with the Comfort Zone Palette from Wet n Wild. I figure I will end up decluttering this because I just don’t have the space to hang onto makeup that I don’t love.

I think from now on I’ll stick to just buying skincare products from Shea Moisture. Like most people I hate feeling like I’ve wasted my money. I feel like that right now but if it keeps any of you from wasting yours then I guess some good came out of it, haha! If you’ve tried the foundation and know some trick to make it work please tell me. Let me know what you’ve tried from Shea Moisture or if you’ve tried anything I’ve mentioned! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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