NYX Matte Lipstick Review

NYX has had a lot of their lip products on sale in bundles of three. You’re basically paying a little less or the same for three lip products instead of just one so I’ve been buying WAY too many. Be prepared for NYX lip overload, haha. One of the first sets I bought was of their matte lipsticks in the colors Perfect Red, Alabama and Dark Era. I paid $6.00 for all three and they’re usually $6.00 a piece. Sadly, NYX just took these off the sale page but you can still buy them all individually.


Perfect Red

I liked these lipsticks but I didn’t love them. They’re really too creamy to be considered matte, in my opinion. They never completely dry down so they are not food, drink or kiss proof. The shade Perfect Red, seen in the picture above, is what I wore all day for the Fourth of July. I was outside most of the day and doing a lot of eating, talking, etc. and this just didn’t hold up. I had to reapply multiple times and I just don’t like having to do that with matte lipsticks. Since they’re not totally matte, however, the formula is very comfortable on the lips and not drying.



The colors of all three are absolutely beautiful. Perfect Red is a very bright, blue-toned red and the brightest one I’ve worn before. Alabama was my favorite of the three, possibly because I live in Alabama, haha! In Alabama, collegiate football is basically a religion and a large portion of us root for the Alabama Crimson Tide so I’m sure NYX was going for that color of crimson. I would say they did a pretty good job. Last but not least is Dark Era…


Dark Era

Dark Era is a stunning purple-black toned color. It’s kind of confusing why this was put in with a red based trio but I love it. I think this will be so gorgeous in the fall and winter, but honestly, I love dark colors anytime of the year.

That’s pretty much it! These are worth buying if you really like the color but I wouldn’t purchase these lipsticks and expect them to be long lasting. I do think they are worth the price. Let me know if you’ve tried NYX’s matte lipsticks or would like to! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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