Book Review of “Murder at Cleeve Abbey” by Anita Davison


The Murder at Cleeve Abbey by Anita Davison was sent to me for review purposes from Aria Digital Publishing. All opinions are my own. 
The Murder at Cleeve Abbey by Anita Davison is the second book in the Flora Maguire Mysteries series. I’ve already reviewed the first one, Murder on the Minneapolis. This books picks up around fifteenth months after the first one. I’ll give you a spoiler free synopsis and then my thoughts.
The Synopsis
Flora Maguire, now Flora Harrington, is happily married to Bunny. Life is good, except for a nagging mother in law, until Flora receives a message that her father has died. She, along with Bunny, must go back to the Vaughn estate where she grew up and where her father still worked as a butler. Once they arrive they discover the details surrounding Flora’s father’s death and they are very mysterious. It appears that he was killed while out horse riding but Flora knows her father never rode horses. To add to the mystery, Flora wants to bury her father next to her mother but she has no clue where her mother’s grave is. Flora realizes she really doesn’t know much about her family and history. As she starts to dig into the past she stumbles across many tragic secrets that will change her life forever.
My Thoughts
I felt that this was a very good sequel to Murder on the Minneapolis and actually liked it more. Flora and Bunny’s characters were more developed and just stronger characters than before. As with the first book this one was very well written and the time period was described wonderfully. I thought the overall story was entertaining and I look forward to seeing how Flora’s story ends in the last book. If you’re a fan of historical fiction and mystery books I really think you would like this series.
I’ll have a review up for the third book in the series, Murder at the Grenadier, very soon. Let me know if these books sounds interesting to you! Thank you for reading and have a great day!
*If you would like anymore information about Aria publishing, the author of these books or the books themselves, everything is linked below! 

Author Bio

Born in London, Anita has always had a penchant for all things historical. She now lives in the beautiful Cotswolds, the backdrop for her Flora Maguire mysteries.

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