Book Review of “Murder at the Grenadier” by Anita Davison


This book was sent to me for review by Aria Publishing. All opinions are my own.

Murder at the Grenadier by Anita Davison is the third book in the Flora Maguire Mystery series. I’ve reviewed the first book, Murder on the Minneapolis, and the second, Murder at Cleeve Abbey, if you would like to check those out before reading this review. Those reviews and this one are spoiler free.

The Synopsis

It’s 1903 and Flora Harrington is visiting bustling Knightsbridge, London. The suffragette movement is just beginning to gain a foothold, much to the dismay of many men. Tensions are rising beneath the surface of  exciting and glamorous London. When a London socialite and leader of the new women’s movement is found dead Flora can’t resist investigating. Mysterious letters are found in the victim’s belongings that link her to a foreign office and even the assassination of a Baltic king. Flora, who is quite a talented amateur detective, closes in on the killer despite the threat to her own safety. Will her husband, Bunny, be able to save her before it’s too late?

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this book about as much as the other two. At times it could be dull and slow paced. There was also the return of Flora’s atrocious mother in law, haha. I really liked that this was set during the suffragette movement. The detail put into researching that period in history was wonderful. This book is a fairly good read and if you’re a fan of historical fiction or mysteries I think you would enjoy it.

That’s everything I have to say about this book that isn’t a spoiler. Let me know if this series sounds interesting to you! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

*If you would like anymore information about Aria publishing, the author of these books or the books themselves, everything is linked below! 


Author Bio

Born in London, Anita has always had a penchant for all things historical. She now lives in the beautiful Cotswolds, the backdrop for her Flora Maguire mysteries.

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