My Favorite Cruelty Free & Affordable Facial Skincare Products for Combination/Acne Prone Skin

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Skincare is something I’ve been getting really serious about lately. The cooler fall weather is awesome but not so much for skin. It can really dry out if you’re not taking proper care of it. I have combination skin that is sensitive and acne prone. I have PCOs which can wreak havoc on my skin because it messes with my hormones. However, at my last doctor’s appointment I was told my hormones are finally where they need to be (thanks to weight loss and herbal supplements) but yet I was still having skin issues. I decided to find some new products and get serious about my skincare routine. I will be linking to wherever you can get each product or if I have did a review on the product before I’ll link to that. Everything mentioned is cruelty free, like all things on my blog.

Soap, Toner & Face Masks

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  • The basis of all skincare is a good soap. One of my lovely followers on here suggested I use a lemon soap. Lemon is a natural mild astringent that helps get rid of bacteria which in turn helps acne. I found the Shugar Soapworks Lemon Soap at the Dollar Tree. This soap is color and paraben free. This is a huge bar of soap. I linked to the website and it can tell you what all stores this can be found at. Just a word of caution, this can be drying and can cause irritation in sensitive areas. It really burned my armpits when I shaved but I’ve had no issues using it on my face and I believe it has helped my acne.
  • Next is my facial toner. For that I just use plain Witch Hazel. I buy a big bottle of this (not pictured because I’m out) at WalMart for like $3.00 max. I put it in a container (pictured above), let cotton pads soak in it and then wipe my face down at night. Witch Hazel is also a mild astringent that helps to kill bacteria, so good for acne.
  • I’ve been using face masks a lot lately. I’ve reviewed both of these so I’ll link to my reviews but they can be purchased on Amazon. I like to use the Freeman Clay Anti-Stress Facial Mask when my skin is dry. I bought this at WalMart for around $3.00. My only issue with this mask is the scent can irritate my eyes but besides that it’s great. Next, I like to use the Petal Fresh Facial Clay Masque when my skin is oily. I bought this at Ross for $3.00 and it’s organic, color and paraben free. This one has never irritated my skin.


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  • I found the Dermasil Labs Day & Night Creams at the Dollar Tree. I linked to where you can find them on Amazon but they’re more expensive there. I was surprised by how good these moisturizers were. I wasn’t expecting much but decided to try them since they were cruelty free and just a dollar apiece. These moisturized my skin very well, didn’t cause acne breakouts and didn’t irritate my skin in any way. They’re also the perfect size to travel with. My only complaint is the scent. The smell isn’t bad, just a clean powdery smell, but it lingers for so long. I didn’t wear these under makeup but I’m sure they would be fine.
  • My favorite moisturizer ever, as of right now, is the Lanoline Manuka Honey Skin Renew Firming Cream. I found this for $7.00 at TJ Maxx. Unfortunately, everywhere else online it’s over $12.00 but I’m still going to buy it. I’ve been using this day and night. It moisturizes wonderfully, doesn’t break me out and causes no irritation. It also wears perfectly under my makeup. Manuka Honey has anti inflammatory properties so it helps to reduce redness and heal inflamed or congested skin. It also oxygenates pores to draw out bacteria which helps acne and helps balance skin pH. This stuff is amazing and I know it’s helped my acne so much.

Lip Care

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  • My lips require care all through the year because they stay dry. They especially need help in the fall and winter. I’ve been using my e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator in Brown Sugar religiously. This is just $3.00 and is fantastic for scrubbing off dead skin and moisturizing your lips.
  • I found Lypsyl Lip Balm at WalMart. I paid around $3.00 for a double pack. It’s way more expensive on Amazon, where I linked to, but I know everyone doesn’t have access to WalMart. This is just a really good lip balm. It’s a beeswax balm with mint so it’s very cooling.

That’s all my facial skincare that I’ve been using for the past month or so. This is probably what I’ll be using through winter as well but I’ll post an updated version if something changes. My acne and skin in general is better than it’s been in years so I’m very happy with all of this. Let me know if this helped you out and what you’re doing for your skin during the cooler months! Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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