Another Disappointing BH Cosmetics Review- Nude Rose Nightfall Eyeshadow Palette

I did not plan to buy or review the Nude Rose Nightfall palette but BH Cosmetics put it in my last order for free. I’ve already reviewed the other palettes from that order so click here if you’re interested in that. I don’t really want to complain too much about this palette since I did get it for free and it really wasn’t that bad, it’s just not great. That seems to be how I feel about most things from BH Cosmetics so this will probably be my last review for anything from them for awhile. I just think there is better eyeshadow formulas out there for the same price or cheaper, like Coastal Scents or Colourpop. Anyways, this palette is regularly priced at $12.00 but BH Cosmetics always has some kind of sale going on. I’ll show you some swatches and then get into the pros and cons.

*Please overlook my scratched up hands. My cats don’t know how to play gently with their wimpy human.

Palette Pros:

  • The shadows are cool toned which is a nice change from all the warm toned palettes and cool tones are my favorite.
  • There is a nice array of shadows from neutral browns to purple and blue.
  • The packaging is a fairly heavy tin that seems like it would travel well.
  • Most of the shadows are nicely pigmented.
  • The palette comes with a nice brush, not pictured.

Palette Cons:

  • These shadows are so dusty. You will have shadow dust fall out all over your face when applying these.
  • The bottom row, white to blue, are all pretty patchy. The top row can be patchy as well but is better than the bottom.
  • These shadows do not blend well.
  • The only matte is the white and it’s still more of a satin.

I just feel very meh about these eyeshadows. Could I make them work? Yes I could but I’m just not going to put that much effort into it when I own palettes that are easy to work with. Do you own this palette? Have you had a different experience with it? I’d love to know. Also, when reading reviews do you prefer the bullet style list like I did above or me writing it out in a paragraph? I’d really like your feedback. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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