Mini NYX Haul & Review: Pore Filler Primer, Invincible Foundation, Concealer Jar & CC Powder

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I have not been really happy with any of my foundations and concealers lately so I have been on a mission to find the perfect ones for me. 99% of the time I wear NYX’s BB Cream and their HD Concealer. I love both of these products and can actually get pretty full coverage by layering the two. When I first reviewed the BB Cream, which I linked to above, I didn’t care for it but since then they’ve changed the formula and it’s much thicker now. Despite my love for those products, the HD concealer still doesn’t conceal quite well enough for my skin issues and the BB Cream isn’t quite full coverage enough. I decided to place an order while NYX was having a sale and try some new things.

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I’m not a big fan of primers. I feel like not only do they not make my makeup last longer but a lot of the time they cause my makeup to break down and move around, especially on my nose. I do, however, use a primer on my cheeks because I have very large pores there. I had seen many, many recommendations for NYX’s Pore Filler but I didn’t want to pay $14.00 for a primer that I may hate; and then they released a mini. The mini is $5.00 so I picked it up. It’s actually a decent size and since I only use it on my cheeks it will last a long time. This is a decent primer. It does not have a slippery silicone feel. It drys down to a powder finish. However, I did not notice this doing anything special for my pores. Well, at least nothing that my other primers that aren’t made for pores don’t already do. I mean I do feel it helped fill them in but nothing spectacular. I would recommend this mini size but I don’t think I will repurchase because it’s nothing special.

*On the left is a swatch blended in, right is unblended.

The next thing I picked up was the Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation in the lightest shade Ivory. This foundation is $12.00. This might be the strangest foundation I have ever tried. I went from I love it to it’s awful to it’s just okay. First complaint, the shade is way too orange for me. This foundation oxidizes like crazy, however, the oxidization does go away somewhat when it’s blended in. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen a foundation do, you’ll be able to see this in the pictures below. Second complaint, this clings to dry skin. If you have any dry skin, even dry skin you didn’t know you had, it will show with this foundation. Third complaint, this foundation sinks into undereye bags and fine lines. If you want to look older, put this stuff on. So, what did I like about this? Well, when my makeup was fully finished the color of it actually didn’t look too bad and it looked good everywhere on my skin that I didn’t have fine lines or dry patches. This foundation also wore very well throughout the day and even through working out at the gym. I recommend this foundation if you don’t have a lot of skin issues such as: acne, fine lines, or dryness.

First picture is my skin with no makeup. Second picture is in the middle of blending in the foundation; you can see the right side of my forehead matches my skin tone pretty well while the left has oxidized. Third picture is one full, blended layer of foundation. Fourth picture is my finished makeup.

Since I love NYX’s HD Concealer so much I decided to see if their Concealer Jar for $5.00 was just as good. I bought mine in the lightest shade, Alabaster. As far as shade match, this concealer matched my skin perfectly. Everything else was just kind of meh. I don’t think this is a bad concealer, it’s just not good for me. I’m concealing very dark circles and acne. The coverage of this concealer is perfect for those things because it’s very thick, however, that thickness is also a problem. It’s so thick that this creases like crazy. It made under my eyes look terrible and all my fine lines were just exaggerated. It did do a good job covering my acne, however. I’m definitely going to keep using this because it does have such good coverage but it will never go near my under eyes again.

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The last thing I bought was the Color Correcting Powder in Lavender. This powder is $10.00. I really like this powder. It’s invisible on the skin so no caking up or settling anywhere. The lavender color was great for brightening up my skin, especially under my eyes. Something to be aware of, however. Lavender color correctors can make your skin look paler or even ashy if you have a deeper skintone. This definitely made me look paler but that didn’t bother me, especially since my foundation was too dark. This is a good powder but I don’t know if it’s $10.00 good. I think it just depends on what you’re looking for. I recommend picking this up when it goes on sale, which it does frequently.

That’s everything! I also bought a lipstick but it’s a formula I’ve reviewed before and just a basic color so I didn’t throw it in this. If you’ve tried any of this stuff I’d love to hear your thoughts on it or let me know if you’ve wanted to try any of it! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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