Lalafox Second Skin Foundation Review

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I love when I just stumble across affordable brands. I was browsing on Youtube when I came across a review for a brand I had never heard of. That brand was Lalafox. It is a Korean and cruelty free brand only available at WalMart. My local WalMart does not carry it so I had to place an order through the website. Lalafox does not offer many products at this time so all I bought was the foundation but I might try more from them in the future. Besides makeup they also have skincare. They offer two different foundations, a cushion one and the Second Skin foundation. The shade range for both foundations is abysmal, only five shades. Mine is in the second to lightest shade, Petal Beige. The lightest shade is called Rosy Ivory and I believe it has a pink undertone. My undertones lean toward neutral/yellow so I didn’t figure it would work for me. I paid around $6.00 for mine but I’ve seen the price be as low as $5.00 and as high as $10.00. I think it depends on what sale they have and where you’re located.

The foundation comes in a nice bottle with a pump. My complaints with the packaging are that you can’t see into the bottle and the product information is not on the bottle, only the wrapper. You get 30ml/ 1.01 fl oz so a standard amount for foundation. There is no SPF in this. The foundation has a very light smell. This shade was too dark for me but I was able to lighten it with concealer. I’m going to post pictures of how it looked on my skin and then talk in depth about what I thought.

*The first picture is my face with no makeup. The second picture is with one layer of foundation. The third picture is with two layers of foundation. 

I really, really loved this foundation. As the name implies, it is really like a second skin. I have very complicated skin that is combination, tends to be more dry and has acne with scarring. I have a lot to cover up. This foundation claims to be semi-mate with buildable coverage and I would agree with that. It doesn’t look cakey or heavy. I do not wear a primer all over my face, only on my cheeks where my pores are the worst, so I can’t say how this wears with primer. I do use a setting spray, typically one from e.l.f. Cosmetics. I did notice my forehead, nose and chin getting shiny around four to five hours after application but that’s easily fixed with powder. It did not get shiny if I used my e.l.f. matte setting spray. The only places that I could tell it was breaking down after a few hours was around my nose and chin but every foundation breaks down on me in those areas. This did not help minimize my pores but mine are pretty large.

*My finished makeup, click on each picture to see them better. 

I highly recommend this foundation, especially for the price. If it can look good on my skin it will look good on just about anybody’s skin. Hopefully the rest of Lalafox’s products are just as good as this one. Have you tried this foundation? Does it sound like it would work for you? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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