Colourpop You Had Me At Hello Palette Review


I am not somebody that buys every Colourpop release. I like to wait awhile and see if it’s something I really want and if it will be unique in my makeup collection. I’m also not somebody that is always in love with everything they put out. About a month ago I decided I wanted some new eyeshadows. I had really been wanting some mauve/purple shadows because I don’t’ have many like that so I went to Colourpop. I ordered You Had Me At Hello and All I See Is Magic. I’ll be reviewing All I See Is Magic in about a week. Neither of these are new but when they released I just didn’t have a need for them.


*First row, middle row and bottom row. Swatches are done with a single finger swipe and the photos are unedited.

You Had Me At Hello is $18.00, $2.00 more than the usual Colourpop palette. However, you do get a mirror which I do not care about but I know some do. There is six shimmer shades and six matte shades. For my eyeshadow reviews I like to give a list of pros and cons then show you three looks I made using the palette.


  • Beautiful assortment of colors from gold, brown, mauve and champagne. Would be gorgeous during the fall.
  • The palette is travel friendly.
  • Most shades blended well.
  • Very little kick up when you put your brush into the shadow.


  • There is no matte or satin cream shade. For my skintone, this meant I had to pull in from another palette every time and could not get complete looks just using this palette.
  • The shades Look-See (matte purple in the middle row) and Sparks Fly (matte brown in the bottom row) are awful. They are dry, don’t blend, patchy and just everything I hate in an eyeshadow.
  • The shimmers barely show up and have so much fall out. Typically, Colourpop does orange/gold shimmers pretty good but other colors than that seem to struggle with pigment. I had to wet my brush, pack these on and I still couldn’t get the look I wanted.

*I am not the best at doing eyeshadow. I do what looks good to me. These are not tutorials in any way. They are just so you can see the shadows on my eyes and the color combos I put together. Keep in mind for each one of these I had to pull in a matte cream shade from another palette.


This look turned out fine but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. The shimmer I used on my lid, DTR (bottom row, second from right) did not show up at all. In person you could see it a little bit but in pictures it’s just not there. All of these colors blended well together.

  1. I used Want U Back (bottom row, second from left) all in my crease and the outer v of my eye.
  2. I used Pulling Strings (bottom row, far left) in my crease.
  3. I used DTR (bottom row, second from right) on the lid.
  4. I used Sparks Fly (bottom row, end right) on my lower lash line.
  5. I used The Knot (top row, end left) as my inner corner highlight.


This was probably my favorite look I was able to make but again the shimmer just didn’t pop like I wanted it to.

  1. I used Winning Ticket (middle row, end left) in the crease and outer v.
  2. I used Candygram (top row, end right) all over the lid.
  3. I used The Knot (top row, end left) as my inner corner highlight.
  4. I used Sparks Fly (bottom row, end right) on my lower lash line.


This was a very nice neutral look. The shimmers were again lackluster but everything else blended and worked fine.

  1. I used Two Peas (top row, second from the right) in my crease.
  2. I used Moon Struck (top row, second from left) on my lid.
  3. I used The Knot (top row, end left) as my inner corner highlight.
  4. I used Pulling Strings (bottom row, far left) to deepen my crease.
  5. I used Sparks Fly (bottom row, end right) on my lower lash line.

I own the Double Entendre and Yes Please palettes from Colourpop as well and I can 100% say I like them more than You Had Me At Hello. This palette was just very dry and lackluster, in my opinion. I will continue to use this because there are shades that I enjoy but it will always be one that I have to use with another palette. If you just know these colors would work great for you then yeah, go ahead and buy it but if you’re unsure at all I say pass on it. I’d love to know your thoughts! Have you tried this palette? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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