High End Brands I’m NOT Interested in Buying From (and a few I want to try)

High end cosmetics are not something I regularly purchase. I’m just an average person that doesn’t receive makeup PR, meaning I buy everything myself. However, I’m not opposed to splurging every once in awhile BUT I am choosy about what brands I choose to support. If a high end brand is not inclusive of all skin tones, cruelty free and drama free then they are not getting my money. If any of the brands I mention are your favorite don’t be offended. This is just my opinion. With that being said, let’s get into the brands I will and won’t be trying.

Brands NOT Getting My Money:


Too Faced is a brand that honestly I just find obnoxious. I’ve watched and read tons of reviews about their products and the quality ranges from perfect to trash. If I spend upwards of $40 on an eyeshadow palette it better work and be flawless. Even more so than the questionable quality, however, their overall marketing just really turns me off. Their products range from cutesy kid looking makeup to raunchy, sexually named products (like the Glow Job Face Mask and Better Than Sex Mascara). Who is their audience? Is it teenagers or middle aged women? I won’t say that I’ll never purchase from Too Faced but it’s not happening anytime soon.


Tarte is a brand that I really wanted to try until they decided to continuously make themselves look like fools. Their marketing team is the worst and always involved in drama. Their shade range is abysmal to be such a wealthy and established brand. I’ve also heard that sometimes the product quality is lacking. Their packaging is beautiful though, and honestly what draws me in. If they decide to change some of these aspects of their brand I would definitely try them.


Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that I’m just very iffy about. For now, nothing they have interests me enough to spend that much money on. They’re also another brand that seems to release perfect products and then just awful ones. I’m not willing to gamble with my money and would have to know that whatever they released was quality. I might try them in the future but not right now.


It Cosmetics is another brand I’m iffy about. Not much that they offer really interests me and they have a terrible shade range for their face products. I am interested in their CC Cream but it’s not anything I plan to buy in the near future.

Brands I’ll Probably Give My Money:


Lorac is probably at the top of the list for high end brands I want to try. I’m really interested in their eyeshadows and lip products. I just haven’t found the one thing that really “speaks to me” enough to want to spend that much money on it. I’m sure eventually they’ll release something I want to splurge on.


Becca is another brand I really want to try. I’m mainly interested in their primers and highlighters. As soon as I see a good deal on the things I want I’ll probably pick those up.


Urban Decay is a brand that I want to try but from reviews that I’ve watched/read it would seem that sometimes their quality isn’t on par with their prices. Again, if I’m spending a lot of money on something it better work better than e.l.f. or NYX. I probably will end up trying something from them in the future but the quality has to match the price tag.

That’s all of my brands that I have no interest in buying from and the ones I want to try! I’d love to know if you agree/disagree or just your thoughts in general. All opinions welcome. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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