Colourpop All I See Is Magic Palette Review

Well guys as of the DAY I’m writing this Colourpop has taken this palette off of the website. I’m so annoyed but since I already worked on this review I’m going through with it. However, this is still available on Amazon which is where I have linked to. It was $20.00 through Colourpop and is $25.00 through Amazon.

So, what palette am I talking about? I’m talking about the 2017 holiday release from Colourpop, All I See Is Magic. When this palette released I thought it was beautiful but I just didn’t have a need for it. I decided after all these months that I still wanted it enough to buy it before they discontinued it and I’m so glad that I did.

*Click on each picture to see it better. The pictures are unedited. From left to right is the top row, middle row and bottom row. 

This palette was more expensive than the usual Colourpop palette but it has fifteen shadows instead of the usual twelve. There is seven matte/satin shades and eight shimmer shades with one of those being a duo chrome. I’m going to give you a list of pros and cons for the palette and then show you three looks I put together using it.


  • Almost every shade in this palette is very creamy, pigmented and blendable.
  • Very little to no kick up when you put your brush into the shadows.
  • You can make multiple complete looks just using this palette.
  • This palette has cool and warm tones.
  • In my opinion, the shades included are perfect for year round use.


  • The shimmer shades can have quite a bit of fallout on the face, however, I didn’t find that it stained.
  • Most of the shimmer shades are more cool toned while the mattes tend to be more warm toned so to get complete looks with some of the shimmers you’ll probably have to use another palette.

*I am not the best at doing eyeshadow. I do what looks good to me. These are not tutorials in any way. They are just so you can see the shadows on my eyes and the color combos I put together.

This is the most “muted” color look that I made using this palette but I still loved it. All of the shadows worked perfectly together and it was just effortless. For my inner corner highlight I just used one of my face highlighters.

  1. All over the lid and up to the brow I used Treat Yourself (top row, second from the right).
  2. On the outer parts of the crease I used T-Cup (bottom row, third from the right).
  3. In the rest of the crease I used Big Spoon (bottom row, second from the left).
  4. On the lid I used 11:11 (top row, third from the left).

I absolutely loved this look as well. The brown shade in my crease and lower lash line came from my NYX Lid Lingerie palette. That brown is more cool toned and this palette doesn’t have a cool toned matte brown.

  1. All over the lid and up to the brow I used Treat Yourself (top row, second from the right).
  2. All over the lid I used Wishful Thinking (middle row, second from the right). This shade is a teal/brown duochrome that is amazing.
  3. In my inner corner I used Now and Zen (top row, second from the left). This shade isn’t considered a duochrome but it still has a very interesting color shift with a white base and yellow shimmer.

It’s not a Colourpop palette if you can’t get one super warm/orange look, haha. I actually loved the way this one turned out as well. It looked rose gold and was just stunning. The second picture above is washed out looking because of the light but in person this was a very warm look.

  1. All over the lid and up to the brow I used Treat Yourself (top row, second from the right).
  2. Through most of the crease I used Imperial (bottom row, second from the right).
  3. The outer part of the crease I used Top Notch (top row, end right).
  4. All over the lid and blended into the crease I used Go Wish (top row, end left).
  5. All over the lid I used Save It For Later (bottom row, end left).

This palette is so good and unique. I think it’s a shame that Colourpop didn’t make it permanent. This is the best quality I have ever tried from them and it definitely beats out the other three I own. I don’t understand why their eyeshadow formula isn’t consistent but whatever they did with this one they need to keep doing. I know this is more expensive from Amazon but honestly, I still think it’s worth it. If you waited like I did I might would pick it up before it’s gone. Do you own this palette? Or does it not appeal to you? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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