The Saharan 2 Palette by Juvia’s Place Review

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The Sarahan 2 palette from Juvia’s Place is the third one that I have bought from them. I’ve already reviewed the Nubian and the Nubian 2 palettes. The first two palettes contained different amounts of product but each contained twelve shadows. This palette, however, only has nine shadows but the pans are larger. There is 32.4 grams/1.14 ounces of product in this palette. For comparison, the Nubian 2 had 45 grams/1.58 ounces and the Nubian had 18 grams/0.63 ounces. When full price this palette is $21.00 but it frequently goes on sale. There is six shimmers and three mattes. I’m going to give you a list of pros and cons and then show you all the looks I made using the palette.

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  • The shadows in this are the PERFECT colors for summer. Of course, they can be used year round but this palette just screams summer to me.
  • Even though there are only nine shades, this palette still really “inspires” me. I feel I could create a decent amount of different looks.
  • Most of the shadows are creamy and easy to blend.
  • There is very little kick up when you dip your brush into the shadows.
  • These shadows are extremely pigmented.


  • As I said in the last point, these shadows are extremely pigmented. This can be a good or bad thing. I have very fair skin so sometimes these were a little too pigmented for me, mainly the matte shades.
  • There is really no way to get a neutral look just using this palette. All three mattes are very bold and they don’t fade easily.
  • I felt the matte shades blended well with the other shadows but again, they would not blend out or lighten up very much.
  • The shimmer shades HAVE to be used wet or they will have massive amounts of fall out. My Mario Badescu spray works great for this.

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*I put together three looks just using this palette. I am not that great at doing eyeshadow so these aren’t meant to be tutorials. I do this so you can see the shadows actually on my eyes. I won’t be describing where the shadows are in the palette since they do have names. I go in order of the swatches on my hand so that you can put the name to each shade. 

This is my absolute favorite look I made with this palette. All of the shadows worked perfectly and looked beautiful together.

  1. I used Taza all in the crease.
  2. I used Marrakech on the lid.
  3. I used Berber and Chefchaouen mixed on the lower lash line.
  4. I used Aziza in the inner corner.

I also really liked this look. The best I can describe it is as a very fiery, neutral look.

  1. I used Taza in the crease.
  2. I used Fez on the outer part of my crease blended into Taza and on the outer V.
  3. I used Hadiya on the lid.
  4. I used Aziza in the inner corner.
  5. I mixed Taza and Fez on my lower lash line.

This look got much wilder than I ever meant it to and I would never wear this again, lol. I did struggle with blending Zohra and it is much brighter than it looks in the pan.

  1. I used Taza and Zohra mixed in the crease.
  2. I used Fez on the outer V and lower lash line.
  3. I used Nomad all over the lid.
  4. I used Aziza in the inner corner.

I really liked this palette, except for the mattes. It’s not that they were bad shadows. They actually performed great, they’re just too pigmented for my makeup preferences and skin tone. I do still highly recommend this palette because the shimmers are just gorgeous. I know that I’m going to be pairing them with my Nubian palette quite often. Have you tried any palettes from Juvia’s Place? What do you think about this one? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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