The Douce Palette by Juvia’s Place Review

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The Douce palette by Juvia’s Place is my fourth palette from the brand. This palette is the exact same size as the Saharan 2. It is a nine pan palette that contains 32.4 grams/1.14 ounces of product. It is $21.00 when full price. NEVER pay full price for Juvia’s Place, they have sales all the time. There are four shimmers and five mattes. I’m going to give you all the pros and cons and then show you three looks I made just using this palette.

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If you love light and fun colors then this is the palette for you!


  • This palette is filled with light and pastel colors. These shades can be used anytime of year but they would be perfect for spring.
  • Every shade blends easily.
  • Very little kickup.
  • Most of the shadows are nicely pigmented.


  • This isn’t a huge deal to me but like with all Juvia’s palettes, the shimmers have to be used wet. You can use them dry but you will have a lot more fallout.
  • The shade called Berry Mousse, the matte tan, really doesn’t show up on my skin. That’s really only a con for me or possibly those with a similar skin tone. It is good, however, to use as a base shade over my primer.
  • If you are a neutral lover this probably wouldn’t be the palette for you. A neutral look can be done with this palette but most of the shades are colorful.
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I didn’t brighten this picture at all so that the shades would look accurate. 

*I put together three looks just using this palette. I am not that great at doing eyeshadow so these aren’t meant to be tutorials. I do this so you can see the shadows actually on my eyes. I won’t be describing where the shadows are in the palette since they do have names. I go in order of the swatches on my hand so that you can put the name to each shade. You can click on each picture to see it better.

I really liked the way this look turned out. It was very basic but all of the shades worked well together.

  1. I used Creme in the crease.
  2. I blended Crepes into Creme on the outer part of the crease.
  3. I used Puffs all over the lid.
  4. I used Tart as an inner corner highlight.
  5. I used Chocolat on my lower lash line.

This look was really fun to do. It’s definitely not neutral!

  1. I used Berry Mousse all over the eyes, up to the brow bone.
  2. I blended Crepes and Creme in the crease.
  3. I used Macarons over almost the entire lid.
  4. I used Puffs on a small part of the lid closest to the inner corner. I blended this into Macarons.
  5. I used Tart as an inner corner highlight.
  6. I used Chocolat on my lower lash line.

This is my favorite look that I made with the palette. It was so pink and shimmery, which is what I love.

  1. I blended Creme and Custard into the crease. I made sure Custard was darker on the outer part of the crease.
  2. I then used Custard all over the lid and topped it with Mont Blanc.
  3. I used Tart as an inner corner highlight.

This is one of my favorite palettes that I own. The colors are so unique and are the sparkly/girly colors that I love the most. The stand out shades, in my opinion, are definitely the shimmers. Tart, for example, is a beautiful pink duochrome. The whole palette was just great to me and I highly recommend it. I just got the Saharan palette from Juvia’s Place and that review will be up in a few weeks. It’s the last palette I wanted from them so until they release more that I like I’ll be using all of these that I already love. What do you think about the Douce palette? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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