The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place Review

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The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place is not one that I originally planned to buy but it went on sale so I decided to grab it. It’s my fifth palette from Juvia’s Place and for now the five I have are the only ones I really want. This palette is $20.00 and I no longer have the box so I’m not for sure how much product it contains. Juvia’s Place does not have that information on their website but based on how the pan sizes look I believe they are the same size as the Nubian palette which contains 18 grams/0.63 ounces of product. There are eight shimmer/metallic shades and four mattes. I’m going to give you all the pros and cons and then show you five looks I made using this palette.

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The swatches are in order from top to bottom, right to left. 


  • The shimmers in this palette are unlike any other shimmer I’ve tried from Juvia’s Place. They have a very oily/wet feeling, almost like a Colourpop Super Shock shadow, but these apply perfectly with a brush. They all look very pigmented and metallic on the eyes.
  • I was able to create very neutral looks and very bold looks with this palette.
  • All of the shadows blended perfectly.
  • The mattes had very minimal fall out.


  • This might just be a con to me, but I wish there would have been one more deeper brown matte. I don’t like using black in the crease and the two orange mattes don’t go with a lot of the shimmer shades.
  • The shimmer shades had A LOT of fallout. They have to be used wet.
  • Chad, the black shade, is a bit drier and more patchy than the other shadows. This didn’t really bother me but might bother you if you’re planning to use it in the crease.
  • The shades Zoya and Lulu are so similar that I feel one of them could have been replaced with something else.

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*I put together five looks using this palette. I am not that great at doing eyeshadow so these aren’t meant to be tutorials. I do this so you can see the shadows actually on my eyes. I won’t be describing where the shadows are in the palette since they do have names. I go in order of the swatches on my hand so that you can put the name to each shade. You can click on each picture to see it better. The only shade I did not use in this palette is Sokoto, the neon orange in the top row.

As always when I’m trying a new palette, I usually do a very neutral look first. This one turned out fine. It’s not exciting but it’s a nice everyday look.

  1. I used Katsina in the crease.
  2. I used Senegal from the outer part of the lid to around the center. I also put it up into the crease which allows it to be seen better on my hooded eyes.
  3. I used Zoya on the inner part of the lid blended into Senegal and in the inner corner.
  4. I used Chad on the lower lash line and on top of a regular pencil eyeliner.

So, the fourth of July happened to come around while I was trying this out and this palette was perfect for it! I did use my blue e.l.f. eyeliner and the blue shadow in the Nubian 2 palette on my lower lash line.

  1. I used Iman in my inner corner.
  2. I used Bororo all over my lid and in the crease.

This is just another neutral look but I actually like it better than the first one. It turned out very rose gold-ish.

  1. I used Katsina in the crease.
  2. I used Lulu from the inner part of the lid to around the middle of it.
  3. I used Senegal from the outer part of the lid into the middle and blended with Lulu.
  4. I used Zoya on the inner corner.

This look ended up being a bit more wild than I meant it for to be, lol. The colors just didn’t really go together like I thought they would.

  1. I used Katsina in the crease mixed with Jamila.
  2. I used Kia from the outer part of the lid to the middle.
  3. I used Wodaabe from the inner part of the lid to the middle and blended with Kia. It’s also used on my inner corner.
  4. I mixed Kia and Wodaabe on my lower lash line.

I absolutely loved the way this look turned out! The pink shade, Fula, is one of my favorites from the palette.

  1. I used Katsina in the crease.
  2. I used Fula over most of the lid and blended up into the crease.
  3. I used Zoya on the inner corner and slightly blended into Fula.

I really like this palette but it is my least favorite from Juvia’s Place. The colors are beautiful but a lot of them just don’t work together, in my opinion. I think this is a great palette to use with other ones but not necessarily on it’s own. I couldn’t get a lot of depth with the looks because there just isn’t enough mattes. If you love the shadows in this palette and you don’t care about the mattes then I say get this because the quality is good but if you love mattes then this isn’t going to be for you. Have you tried this palette? What do you think about it? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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