Dose of Colors Let’s Get Toasty Liquid Lipstick Set Review

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I’m not a big fan of matte liquid lipsticks but I adore the Dose of Colors formula. For the 2018 holidays, Dose of Colors released a mini liquid lipstick set called Let’s Get Toasty. This set is still available for $29.00 but it is limited edition. I have reviewed another Dose of Colors liquid lipstick before in the shade Mondaze, which you can see here, but I’ll review the formula again below.

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From top to bottom: Stone, Truffle, Catching Feelings & Heartbreaker

I was hoping that all four of these mini lipsticks would be available in full size but sadly the only two that are is Stone and Truffle, at least for right now. I’m assuming that Catching Feelings and Heartbreaker were created just for this set. This is a matte formula but it doesn’t have the typical dry and powdery feel that a lot of matte lipsticks have. This is the most comfortable, but still long wearing, formulas I’ve ever tried. It fades from the lips beautifully and holds up well through eating and drinking. My Dose of Colors lipsticks are always the ones I grab for when I need my lipstick to last.

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Stone is a dusty pink mauve.

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Truffle is a light brown with a pink undertone.

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Catching Feelings is a cool toned nude beige and my least favorite of the set.

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Heartbreaker is a cool toned brown with a pink undertone.

I know that I will be purchasing Stone and Truffle in full sizes once I use up these minis. I’m very upset that Heartbreaker isn’t available in a full size because I love it. Hopefully they’ll add it it to the permanent line. Have you tried the Dose of Colors lipsticks before? What do you think about them? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Dose of Colors Let’s Get Toasty Liquid Lipstick Set Review

  1. Lovely review!! I actually love the shades, I own three dose of colors liquid lipsticks and I actually like the formula but it’s not my favorite formula! I prefer Kylie Cosmetics’ liquid lipsticks formula

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