New from Wet n Wild! Reviews for Spring 2019 Highlighters & High Shine Lipstick

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Wet n Wild is not a brand I buy much from because honestly, I don’t think their products are great quality. I love that they’re affordable and cruelty free but I just don’t find their makeup to be on par with e.l.f., Covergirl, Milani, Hard Candy, etc. I decided to give some of their new spring releases a try, however, because I’m always willing to see if they can impress me. Did they? Well… not really.

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

The MegaGlo Highlighting Powders are $5.00 apiece. I have the two newest ones, Bloom Time and Awesome Blossom. Bloom Time is a pink shade with silver shimmer. Awesome Blossom is a peachy bronze shade with golden shimmer. Bloom Time is pictured above in the far left picture. It’s a pretty highlight but not my favorite. The formula is too glittery for my preference. I feel it really draws attention to my pores and texture. Ulta accidentally sent me Awesome Blossom, which is obviously too dark for my skin. I used it as an eyeshadow and it was beautiful but it’s just as glittery as Bloom Time. It’s pictured above on the far right. If you like glittery highlgihters than you’ll really like these.

Megalast Liquid Catsuit High Shine Lipstick

The Megalast Liquid Catsuit High Shine Lipsticks are a new formula and $5.00 apiece. I purchased the shade Cedar Later which is a beautiful reddish brown. This is definitely not a lipstick, it’s a very pigmented lip gloss. There’s nothing wrong with that and in the description Wet n Wild even says that it combines the comfort and shine of a gloss with the pigment of lipstick. However, they also claim that it’s long lasting which it is most definitely not. This lip gloss transfers onto everything and is not food, drink or kiss proof. This shade did leave a very slight stain on my lips and didn’t look bad once it had worn away but it’s also fairly close to my actual lip color so the other shades might not look as flattering. I did notice this slightly bled into the faint lines around my lips but that might just be this shade. I like this gloss and think it’s very similar to the e.l.f. Lip Lacquers ($2.00), NYX Butter Glosses ($5.00) and NYX Intense Butter Glosses ($6.50). I doubt I’ll buy anymore of these because it’s not my favorite formula but I don’t hate it.

I wish I liked these new releases more than I do. I think, like with everything, whether or not you like this stuff will just depend on your tastes. I hope this review helped you and I’d love to know what you think! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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