Lottie London Insta Filter Pore Eraser Stick Review

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I am forever searching for the perfect pore filling primer. I have very large pores on my cheeks and nose so I like to fill them in as much as possible. I was looking through the Ulta website and happened to come across the Lottie London Insta Filter Pore Eraser Stick. It’s $8.00 for 0.31 ounces in a solid, travel friendly stick form. So, is this the pore filler of my dreams?

Yes, it is the pore filler of my dreams BUT it has some issues. After swiping it onto my face, I blend it into my pores with my fingers and then my pores are instantly blurred. This is the first pore filling primer I’ve ever used that actually blurs my pores and I’ve used a TON of them. This primer leaves a matte finish on the skin but it doesn’t make my skin look or feel dry. However, when I tried to use this as an all over face primer and not just on my cheeks and nose, it DESTROYED my foundation. I tried it with my go to Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation and a new one I’m trying out, the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation. It made both of them clump up and stick to certain areas. I think the problem is that it’s hard to get even, blended coverage because the primer goes on clear and it’s in a stick form. The patchiness and clumping is more than likely caused by the foundation sticking to areas that has primer and skipping over the areas of my face that were mistakenly missed. This is a fantastic pore blurring primer but I don’t recommend it for use on the entire face.

This primer is definitely worth trying but just be cautious with it. Let me know if you’ve tried this or what pore filling primers you love! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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