Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation & Strobe Highlighter Review

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The way a foundation performs is almost totally dependent on your skin type. Something I love on my combo/oily skin, you may hate on your dry skin and vice versa. In May of 2018 I tried out the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation. My skin was terribly broken out and dry at that time. I really did not enjoy the foundation because it didn’t have enough coverage and it just didn’t last on my skin. I wanted to give this foundation a second chance now that my skin is more combo/oily and clear, except for scarring and redness. I also picked up the Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Holographic Lights so I thought I’d throw it into this review as well. Let’s get into what I thought!

Fast Base Stick Foundation

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The Fast Base Stick Foundation is $9.00 and you get 0.21 ounces. Stick foundations always contain less product than liquid foundations but this one contains a decent amount compared to other stick foundations. It’s available in 18 shades and mine is the second to lightest shade, F2. F2 is best for fair skin tones with yellow undertones. I’ll let you know all the pros and cons and then we’ll talk about if my opinion has changed.


  • This foundation is available in a decent shade range with differing undertones.
  • It is a very creamy and easy to blend formula.
  • This has a dewy finish which is great for combo to dry skin. I definitely recommend setting it, however.
  • This meshes beautifully with the skin and gives a very healthy looking finish.
  • There is no scent and this did not irritate my skin.
  • This applies only to me but this was a perfect shade match.
  • This would be great for travel, especially flying, because it is a solid stick.
  • The packaging isn’t fancy but it’s sturdy.
  • The coverage is medium to low full. It can be built up and with concealer it was perfect for me. I love the coverage now but if you have quite a bit of acne and redness, like I once did, this might not provide the coverage you would like.


  • No matter what I did, this foundation just would not last on my skin. I had this issue before when I tested it out but I was hoping for a different outcome now that I have better products to pair with it. After about four to six hours it completely broke apart under my nose and around my chin. I used more gripping primers and my fantastic J. Cat Beauty Luxe Pro Powder and it still wouldn’t stay on me. I really only get oily in my T-zone so I’m sure my natural oils did contribute to it breaking a part. That’s going to be an issue for anyone that has oil come through throughout the day.
  • This is a more dewy foundation and I find that those sink into fine lines and “move” around more on the skin.
  • This foundation transfers A LOT. Even with a ton of powder on top, it would still wipe off easily.

The top two pictures are of my face with no makeup and the bottom two are with one layer of foundation. As you can see, the coverage is actually pretty good on me. You can still see some darkness and scarring peeking through but nothing major.

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I think this foundation helps create a very pretty face of makeup. I would feel confident wearing this out. I just SO wish that it stayed like this for longer than a few hours.

These two pictures demonstrate the problems I have with this foundation. The picture on the left shows how oily it is, how it sunk into my fine lines and how it wore away from under my nose. The picture on the right shows just how horrendous it looks under my nose, around my mouth and in my fine lines.

Unfortunately, after trying this foundation out again, I still can’t recommend it. If you have dry skin and very few fine lines, this might work well for you. If you don’t fit into that category, this foundation probably won’t be worth your time or money. I plan to use mine up but I won’t be purchasing it again.

Strobe Highlighter

*Ignore my busted looking eyeshadow in that picture. Blending was a STRUGGLE.

I reviewed the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights a few weeks ago and I loved it. I decided to pick up a baked Strobe Highlighter to try as well. I purchased the shade Holographic Lights. These highlighters are usually $6.00 but Ulta currently has them marked down to $3.00. I’m pretty sure they’re being discontinued, unfortunately. I love this highlighter so much. It has a smooth, baked formula with an off white base and green shift. The shift is green but it’s not so obviously green that you couldn’t wear it out in every setting. It’s not going to leave a green stripe on your face, it’s just going to add a little uniqueness to your look. I recommend picking up one of the Strobe Highlighters or one of the Vivid Baked Highlighters while they’re so cheap at Ulta.

I hope this review helped some of you out. It’s always a good idea to retry products over time to see if they still work the same, especially if your skin type has changed. I’d love to know if you’ve tried either of these products and what you think about them or what you think about my review! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Stick Foundation & Strobe Highlighter Review

  1. Lovely review!! too bad that it is not long-lasting, usually dewy foundation last really well on me, idk if I want to try this out! the highlighter on the other hand looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

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