Foundation Fall: ShopMissA $1 BB Cream (& other goodies!)

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Last month I reviewed the ShopMissA Satin Foundation and absolutely LOVED it. I decided to pick up their BB Cream to find out if it was just as good and of course, I had to order a few more things to get that free shipping. Let’s talk about what I bought!

Perfect BB Cream

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The Perfect BB Cream is $1.00 for one fluid ounce of product. I purchased the lightest shade, Fair. I’m sadly not as in love with the BB Cream as I am the Satin Foundation. I’ll let you know why in the pros and cons section. I’ll then show you how it looked and wore on me.

*Skin type: combination that tends to be more oily, large pores, sensitive and acne prone with acne scarring

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Shade: Fair


  • This BB Cream claims to be moisturizing and it really is. This is a slight con for me, which I’ll talk about more below, but will be a pro for those with dry skin.
  • The lightest shade, Fair, was a great match for my skin tone because it has a yellow undertone. However, if you are lighter than me or have a cool undertone, this might not be the best choice for you. There are six shades available; not great but not terrible for a $1.00 BB Cream.
  • I love the squeeze tube packaging. It’s very travel friendly.
  • This is unscented and did not cause any breakouts or irritation.
  • All of my other products blended and wore well on top of this BB Cream.
  • I did not notice this oxidizing.
  • This looked and wore well on top of my pores.
  • This gives medium to full coverage, depending on your skin. It really is more of a foundation than a BB Cream.


  • Transfer, transfer, transfer. No matter how well I set this stuff with my reliable J. Cat Beauty Luxe Pro Powder, it would not stay on my face.
  • This got so greasy in my T-Zone unbelievably fast, especially around my nose. I need a less hydrating formula for that area of my face.
  • This immediately creased in my fine lines. It especially caked up in the lines between my brows.
  • This just felt heavy, sticky and cakey after around five to six hours of wear. That’s not something I’d expect from a BB Cream.

The first two pictures on the left are of my skin with nothing on it and the two on the right are with one layer of the BB Cream. You can still see blemishes and under eye darkness but the coverage is decent.

Full disclosure, I only wore this BB Cream twice and that was enough for me to know how I felt about it. These are the pictures from those two times.

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I unfortunately forgot to take a picture the day I wore this with no primer but the results were the same. This was taken after around eight hours of wear. You’ll need to zoom in to really see the issues. There is caking in the lines between my brows, it’s worn completely off the tip of my nose/around my nose and it’s so greasy in my T-zone.

Do I Recommend It?

Eh, I only recommend this BB Cream to a select group of people, those with the driest of skin. If you have any oil whatsoever this is going to feel and look greasy on you. I’m disappointed because this is just $1.00 and initially it looks beautiful but I just can’t deal with how sticky and heavy it feels.

A+ Setting Spray & Nail Polish

When I placed my order, ShopMissA had just released their A+ Setting Spray. It’s $1.88 for 2.5 fluid ounces of product. This is a FANTASTIC deal. My go to e.l.f. Setting Spray is $5.00 for 2.02 fluid ounces (used to be just $3.00 *eye roll*). I wanted to see if this might be a more affordable alternative but I’m honestly not sure if it is. It’s not a bad formula but I just don’t think it does anything for the longevity of my makeup. The e.l.f. Setting Spray doesn’t lock my makeup in place but I do feel it helps my makeup last a little longer. However, setting sprays, unless they’re horrible, are pretty difficult to test out. What I can say about this one is: it has a rose scent that I find to be pleasant but others may be sensitive to, it has a great spray nozzle, it doesn’t affect the longevity of my makeup in a negative way and it does help get rid of the “powdery” look of makeup. This is affordable enough that I think it’s worth trying.

I also purchased one of their new nail polishes. I’ve been using OPI polishes for years and I have quite a stash of them BUT they’re not cruelty free. I am so happy to say that I think I’ve found a cruelty free, and much cheaper, alternative. This polish is $1.00 and I have the shade Toffee. It’s a beautiful, cool toned, light brown. This formula is excellent. It lasted on my fingernails for around three to four days, this is a great wear time for me. It lasted on my toenails for a few weeks. I’m probably going to buy every shade they have and I definitely recommend it.

Blush Brush & Mini Mochi Wonder Blending Sponge

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I’ve talked about ShopMissA’s brushes many times. I love them and my newest Blush Brush is no different. It’s just $1.00, super soft and the perfect shape for how I like to apply my blush. I honestly have no need to buy face brushes from anywhere else.

Last month I reviewed the Mochi Wonder Blending Sponge and I wanted to try the mini version. The mini version is the same price as the larger one, $1.88. Of course, that’s extremely affordable but I do wish the mini was less expensive because you’re getting less sponge. This is a perfect, tear drop shaped sponge that’s great for blending in concealer or applying powder under the eyes. I’m planning to grab a few more because I love it and want back ups.

Final Thoughts

I wish I would have liked the BB Cream more but overall, these products were great, especially for how affordable they are. I love ShopMissA and the fact that they have quality products at the cheapest price points available. Let me know if you plan to try any of this stuff! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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