Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette Review

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One of my friends was decluttering her makeup collection and she asked if I wanted her Ace Beaute Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette. I said yes (obviously) because I will never turn down free makeup and Ace Beaute was a brand that I had wanted to try for quite awhile. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a cruelty free indie company that primarily creates eyeshadow palettes. Their palettes range in price from $24.99 to $38.99; pretty typical indie prices.

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The Grandiose Palette is the most affordable option at $24.99. It contains eight shades: four mattes, three metallics and one satin. The packaging is cardboard with a magnetic closure and no mirror. Let’s get into the pros and cons!


  • This is primarily just a pro for me but I love this color story! Valentine’s Day is this week and this is the perfect palette for the romantic holiday.
  • Every shade in this palette is excellent. I did have to tap my brush off to prevent fallout but that’s not a con for me. They’re pigmented, easy to blend and work well together.


  • The metallic shade, Myrtle, had the most fallout even after tapping off my brush. I wasn’t too bothered by this but others might be.
  • It’s not really possible to create looks with a lot of depth just using this palette. The deep burgundy shade, Poppy, blends out to be pink and the brown shade, Cinnamon, just isn’t that deep.

Swatches & Shade Descriptions:

These eyeshadows do have names and shade descriptions on the website. They’ll be in order from left to right; my upper arm to my wrist.

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  • Jasmine– metallic champagne
  • Clove– matte coral
  • Myrtle– metallic bronze
  • Cinnamon– matte medium brown
  • Patchouli– matte light peach
  • Rose– satin hot pink
  • Poppy– matte burgundy
  • Primerose– metallic copper

Eyeshadow Looks:

I created two looks using this palette alone. I always use the essence Colour Intensifying Primer and set my primer with a cream colored shade. When explaining the looks, I will go in the order of the swatches on my wrist; left to right and top to bottom. You can click on the pictures to see them better. Since these eyeshadows do have names, I won’t be describing where they are in the palette or what they look like.

I really love the way this look turned out but there are some things I would change if I recreated it. I would more than likely use a black on my lower lash line and some deeper burgundies in the crease to give the look more depth. I don’t like to use other shadows when I’m testing out a palette but I think this color story could benefit from some additional shades.

  1. I applied Clove in a semi arch from the innermost part of my eye (near my inner corner) to around the middle of my brow bone.
  2. I then applied Rose underneath Clove but brought it a little further out, closer to the edge of my eye and straight down from the end of my brow. I did not blend these two shades together because I wanted the colors to stay separated. I did blend out the edges of Rose that were not touching Clove, near the edge of my eye.
  3. I blended Poppy into my crease and up into Rose.
  4. I applied Primerose all over my lid.
  5. I applied Jasmine in my inner corner and on my brow bone.
  6. I lined my lower lash line with Patchouli. I then smudged Rose, Poppy and Clove (in that order) underneath Patchouli. I blended out the shades so that they would join with the shadows up above in my crease.

I LOVE this look. I’m really getting into the neutral eye with a pop of color in the inner corner. You will probably see this quite often from me in the future, lol.

  1. I blended Patchouli above my natural crease. This shade doesn’t show up that well on my skin tone but it’s great for creating a color gradient and blending out deeper shades.
  2. I blended Cinnamon into my crease.
  3. I applied Myrtle on the inner and outermost parts of my lid.
  4. I applied Jasmine in the center of my lid and on my brow bone.
  5. I applied Rose in my inner corner. I lightly tapped a bit of Jasmine onto Rose.
  6. I lined my lower lash line with Patchouli and smudged Cinnamon underneath it.

Brushes Used:

If you are curious about any of the other products on my face, you can find these looks in my recent posts on Instagram.

Final Thoughts:

I really love this palette and I’m glad that I have it. I think it will work well with quite a few of my other palettes. However, do I think it’s worth $24.99? Not really. If this palette was $15.00 or even $20.00, I would say it was worth it but then again, I’m thrifty. Ace Beaute does have occasional sales and I recommend picking up this palette then. I’d love to know if you’ve tried this palette or one of the others from Ace Beaute! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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