Reviews for e.l.f.’s Newest Releases!

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My love for e.l.f. is strong but I’m always iffy about buying their eyeshadows. I’ve been disappointed with their formula many times but after trying one of their holiday palettes and loving it, I decided to give their newest quads a chance. Of course, I also had to pick up a few new lip products and we’ll start with them.

SRSLY Satin Lipstick

The SRSLY Satin Lipsticks are $3.00 apiece. I bought the shades Nectar and Cider. Nectar is a mid-toned peach (top swatch) and Cider is a deep, orange toned brown (bottom swatch). As the name implies, these lipsticks have a satin finish. They’re comfortable on the lips but not hydrating. They’re also not particularly long lasting and will transfer. They are just good, basic lipsticks; nothing super special and I don’t feel the need to own every shade but I like them.

Nectar and Cider both have similar orange undertones and they work well when paired together. In the picture on the far left, I’m wearing Nectar. In the middle picture, I’m wearing Nectar in the center of my lips and Cider on the outer part of my lips. In the picture on the far right, I’m wearing Cider. These are good lipsticks, especially for $3.00, and I recommend them.

Sheer Slick Lipstick

The Sheer Slick Lipsticks are $5.00 apiece. I bought the shade Jam or Jelly, a purple toned pink. I was slightly disappointed with this lipstick. It’s supposed to have a sheer, hydrating formula but is literally the opposite of that. It is BRIGHT and very opaque. I have it blotted in the picture above because it was way too intense. It’s also not hydrating and felt like more of a matte formula. However, once blotted, it does leave a pretty stain on the lips and I enjoyed wearing it like that with a gloss over it. It’s not a bad formula and I do recommend it but just be aware that you’re getting more of a lipstick or stain and not a tinted balm.

Bite Size Eyeshadow Quads

The Bite Size Eyeshadow Quads are $3.00 apiece and I bought three of them. We’ll discuss my least favorite first, Acai You. This quad has a beautiful periwinkle and purple color story. It contains two mattes and two shimmers. All four of the shadows are, unfortunately, sub par. The mattes were patchy and really had to be built up. The shimmers had to be used wet and were also patchy. It’s a workable palette but I recommend this one the least.

Next up is Truffles, a fantastic cool toned quad. I love this one. It contains one shimmer and three mattes. All of the shades blended and built up well. I did have to use the shimmer wet but it was much more opaque than the ones in Acai You. I highly recommend it.

Now for my favorite, Hot Jalapeno. This little quad has grungy greens and a gold that are more on the cool toned side. It contains two shimmers and two mattes. Just like with Truffles, all of the shades work perfectly. I was able to create this look with very minimal effort.

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Here is a picture taken with flash so you can see how pretty these shimmers are. If I was going to recommend just one of these quads, it would be Hot Jalapeno.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, these are good products and it’s obvious that e.l.f. has really improved their quality. Have you tried any of these newer releases? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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