All of the Palettes I Haven’t Reviewed (Yet!)

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Today’s post isn’t a review or anything like that. I actually need YOUR help. All of the palettes pictured above have barely been touched and some haven’t been used at all. None of them have been reviewed yet and that’s where you come in. I want to know which palettes you’re the most interested in seeing a review for but I’m sure you’re curious why I’ve been hoarding palettes like a dragon hoards gold…

These palettes have accumulated from around Black Friday of last year until now. Four of them were gifts from fellow blogging friends and the rest were my own choices. I simply haven’t had time to use them all. I’m going to show you close up pictures of each palette and let you know the basic info about it. After that, you can let me know what you’d actually be interested in seeing a review for. Most of these palettes are older but everyone has different opinions and makeup styles so I think they’re still worth reviewing. Let’s get started!

Profusion- Neon

The name of this $5.00 palette is pretty self explanatory. As of writing this post, I actually just finished testing this one out. You can see the looks I’ve created over on Instagram. You will see this palette reviewed before the others but let me know if you’ve been curious about it!

Profusion- Nude Bliss

This $10.00 palette honestly has one of the prettiest color stories. It’s so soft and romantic. Unless you guys really want one of the other palettes to be reviewed after Neon, I’m thinking this one will be next.

ShopMissA- Over the Rainbow

This is a gorgeous rainbow palette and it’s only $10.00. Unfortunately, I’ve only used one shade out of it so I have no idea if this palette is actually any good. This could be fun during the summer!

Storybook Cosmetics- Fairy Tales

These palettes are probably my favorite ones that I own for aesthetics alone. I actually haven’t used any of them. The larger one, Little Briar Rose, is $55.00. The two smaller ones, Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood, are $35.00 apiece. All three of these palettes are currently on sale and I’m not sure if they’re going to be discontinued anytime soon. I had thought about doing an entire fairy tales makeup series with these palettes so let me know how that sounds to you.

Luminess Beauty- The Lion King Collection

These beauties were bought purely for nostalgic reasons. When I bought them, I wasn’t aware that Luminess Beauty is a MLM… yikes. These palettes are still available and deeply discounted, $10.00 each. I’m assuming that they will be discontinued soon BUT I’ve been asked before why I don’t support MLMs and I thought I could include these palettes in a post about that. If you’re interested in the collection, I might also be able to offer some alternatives. I’d really like to know how you guys would want to see these products incorporated on my blog because I’m just not sure if there’s much I can do with them.

Lorac- Pro 4

I think most of you are probably familiar with the Lorac Pro palettes. They’re $39.00 apiece. Since getting into Lorac, I’ve learned that I hate their metallic formula. I have used this palette once and unfortunately, I still think the metallics are awful but I absolutely LOVE the mattes. The metallics have kept me from wanting to use this palette despite loving the color story but I would like to review it.

Covergirl- TruNaked Sunsets

I got this palette for an absolute STEAL and there’s nothing I love more than that. It’s usually around $10.00 but I got it for $3.00. I think it’s just gorgeous and I feel like this color story would be perfect for summer or fall.

Natasha Denona- Tropic

A far jump from the Covergirl palette is this one at $129.00… I did NOT buy this palette and would never pay that for eyeshadow. This was gifted to me by a lovely friend. Guys, I have actually used this palette once and didn’t like it. I was expecting something magical and it was very meh. Maybe after I actually test all the shades, my mind will change.

Violet Voss- Holy Grail

This is another palette that was gifted to me and I like it so much more than the Tropic. It’s regularly $45.00. I have used random shades out of it here and there and I really enjoyed using them. The formula seems great so I’m excited to test it out.

Too Faced- Sweet Peach

Last but not least is this old classic. Not only have I never tried the Sweet Peach Palette, I’ve never tried the Too Faced eyeshadow formula in general. This palette is $49.00 and I’m going to be honest, swatches aren’t everything but this one doesn’t swatch great. I’m not the most excited to use it but I’d like to try it eventually.

Final Thoughts:

Here’s where you come in! You can comment down below or DM me on Twitter/Instagram to let me know which palettes you want to see reviewed. All of these palettes will be reviewed at some point but I’m just not sure what order to do that in. Thanks for your help and for reading!

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