Eyeshadow Palette Tag!

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This past week has been horrific and stressful for so many people. I know quite a few content creators aren’t posting right now because it seems trivial. I DO plan to keep posting because I think it’s important for everyone to still have an escape and their hobbies. However, I did want to state my thoughts here; I already have on Instagram and Twitter. I believe racism is an abhorrent sin. As a Christian, I believe that God made us all in His image and He does not make mistakes. You are always welcome in my virtual home on the internet, no matter your skin color. It’s that simple. Now we’ll move on to happier topics, the Eyeshadow Palette Tag!

The Eyeshadow Palette Tag was created by Samantha March and Allie Glines on Youtube. I’m a palette lover so I had to give my take on it. I tried to pick a variety of palettes but some of them will be pictured multiple times. Also, the pictures of the palettes might seem disjointed because I pulled them from their individual reviews instead of taking all new ones. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. What is your newest palette?

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The J. Cat Beauty Dia Palette is my newest! Unfortunately, it came broken. Hopefully my replacement will be here soon and I can start testing it out. 

2. What is your oldest palette? 

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The Coastal Scents Joli Colibri Palette is my oldest. I purchased it in 2017 and was absolutely in love with it. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued and I should probably declutter it.

3. What is your most expensive palette?

The Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette is technically my most expensive at $42.00 but I bought it on sale when it was half off. I rarely pay full price for eyeshadow palettes.

4. What is your most affordable palette?

The Profusion Cosmetics $5.00 palettes are my most affordable and some of my favorites. I’ve decluttered a couple of them but I currently have the Spectrum and Neon

5. What is your most everyday palette?

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The Profusion Cosmetics Nude Bliss Palette is my ultimate everyday palette. It has the perfect neutral shades for my skin tone and eye color. I’ll have a review up for it soon!

6. What is your most colorful palette?

I currently have three rainbow palettes: ShopMissA Over the Rainbow, Profusion Cosmetics Neon and Profusion Cosmetics Spectrum. I can only recommend the Profusion ones, however, because I haven’t tested out the ShopMissA palette. 

7. What is your smallest palette?

The Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette is smaller than a debit card but it’s one of my favorites. The formula of these shadows is excellent.

8. What is your biggest palette?

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I have three massive palettes from Morphe: 35M, 35V and 35H. I no longer buy from Morphe but I do use these palettes occasionally. 

9. What is your palette with the best memory?

I have two palettes with memories attached to them, the essence Spice Up Your Life and the Lorac Lux Diamond. The good memories I associate with the Spice Up Your Life are kind of odd, lol. In 2018, I had surgery to remove a pedunculated fibroid. The recovery was ROUGH but when I finally felt like playing with makeup again, this was my newest palette and the one I chose to use. It also makes me think of a neighborhood in the Sims 3 called Appaloosa Plains. The neighborhood is one of my favorites and it’s filled with fall colors, like this palette. The Sims 3 has been a huge part of my life for a very long time and associating this palette with it just makes me feel nostalgic. Last but not least, fall is my favorite season and this is my most fall themed palette. It’s not the best quality but I just can’t part with it!

The Lorac Lux Diamond is special because it’s my date night palette and the one I choose to use whenever I go out with my husband. 

10. What palette is worth the hype?

I don’t own many “hyped” palettes but the one I remember people talking about the most is the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette. I don’t think it’s worth the full price but I do think it’s worth the hype. 

11. What palette isn’t worth the hype?

I do not understand the hype around the Lorac Pro Palettes. I absolutely love the Lorac shimmer and matte formulas but the metallic formula is GARBAGE. That means, for me, half of these palettes are unusable. Thankfully, I got them both on sale. 

12. What is your favorite palette from your favorite brand?

This might change in the future but when it comes to eyeshadow, Profusion Cosmetics and J. Cat Beauty are my favorite brands. I love the Nude Bliss from Profusion and the Noche from J. Cat.

13. What is your most used palette?

Guys… I don’t have a most used palette. I am ALWAYS rotating my palettes or trying a new one. 

Final Thoughts:

I had so much fun doing this tag. I would love to know your answers so either tell me below or do this tag for yourself! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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