Cleaning 101: Making a Schedule

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I recently did a poll on Instagram to get feedback on what kind of lifestyle posts you guys would like to see. I was surprised that so many of you wanted cleaning related posts. For me, cleaning just comes naturally. My mother always kept a spotless house and I learned from her. However, I know that not everybody has the same kind of background and some people simply don’t know how to clean. If you’re struggling with this, I would love to help you. Today’s post is going to be all about making a cleaning schedule!

I personally don’t use an exact schedule because I have a general idea of when things need to be done. A schedule can be useful, however, for people who are busy, new to living on their own or simply bad at remembering. There are so many apps and print outs you can use but I prefer to write my schedules and to do lists in a notebook. Actually writing things down helps me to remember but do whatever works for you.

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Your schedule will be totally dependent on your lifestyle. In my household, there are two adults and three pets… so I spend a lot of time sweeping up hair. I’m also a stay at home wife so I’m able to spread chores out more than somebody with a full time job or kids. Hopefully my schedule can give you a general idea that you can tweak to meet your needs. Here’s what I do and when I do it:

  • Deep clean the bathrooms AT LEAST every week and a half, more if needed. A bathroom will look cleaner for longer if you wipe over the counters, clean the toilet and keep all unnecessary items put away. 
  • Clean the kitchen everyday. The kitchen can get out of control quickly but it’s manageable if you do the dishes and wipe over the counters daily. You should be cleaning out your refrigerator around every two to three months. 
  • Sweep/vacuum the floors every other day. Do a full clean with sweeping and mopping every week or as needed. I personally have to do this more often because I have pets. 
  • Do laundry as needed. Fold and put away laundry when it’s done. The more you procrastinate, the less you’ll want to do it. Wash your bedding at least every two weeks, more often if necessary. 
  • You should probably dust every two weeks but this is the one chore I usually let slide. I do it around once a month. 
  • Do general tidying up everyday. If you fold throw blankets and organize clutter, the house will look and feel cleaner. Also, DON’T leave dirty dishes all over the house. It looks sloppy and that’s how you get ants. 
  • Take out the trash as needed, including the bathrooms. There’s nothing nastier than trash falling into the floor. Regularly clean your garbage can with bleach or vinegar to get rid of odors. 
  • Clean the windows around every two months. 
  • If you have cats, clean the litter box every single day. Deep clean it at least once a month. 
  • This only applies to my fellow makeup users: wash your brushes on a regular basis, especially sponges and foundation brushes. I personally don’t like to use dirty application tools more than a handful of times. Also, keep your vanity or makeup area clean and organized. Makeup is literally going on your face so the cleaner you keep things, the better. 

Final Thoughts:

I hope this post was helpful! Please let me know what other kind of lifestyle content you’d like to see; more cleaning posts, meal planning, etc. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning 101: Making a Schedule

  1. bananareads

    This was awesome and very helpful! I procrastinate a lot, but then when I do things – I REALLY DO THEM lol! I do clean often, but I let many things slide, I especially hate cleaning floors. I’m good with laundry and I do dry and fold them immediately, I wish I did other things as good as laundry. I’m looking forward to seeing more posts about cleaning. I guess just let other people tell you what they would like to see, I’m sure I can use whatever you post, I didn’t even know that I needed THIS post 🙂 Thank you!

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