XX Revolution Indulgence Cream Blush Palette Review

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Makeup Revolution has a ton of sister brands and one of those brands is XX Revolution. I didn’t know this brand even existed until I stumbled across it randomly on the Ulta website. It seemed like a fancier, slightly more expensive version of Makeup Revolution; the classy older sister, if you will. I’m not the biggest fan of Makeup Revolution but this brand had such beautifully packaged products that I couldn’t help but be curious. I decided to pick up their Indulgence Cream Blush Palette. It’s $20.00 and contains six shimmery blushes. I like it but unfortunately, I don’t love it so let’s get into the pros and cons!

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  • Packaging really doesn’t matter when it comes to how a product performs but this palette is just so pretty. I love the pink marble. It also has a nice weight to it, a mirror and a firm clasp closure. 
  • All of the shades in this palette are very blendable and buildable. None are overly pigmented or difficult to work with. 
  • I was able to apply every shade with either my fingers or a stippling brush.
  • These blushes are beautiful used as highlighters. 


  • SO MUCH SHIMMER. I like blushes that have a little glow but all six of these shades are basically highlighters.
  • I had no choice but to use three of the shades solely as highlighters because they were too light and frosty to be used as blush. I didn’t need or want more cream highlighters so if I would have known that they were so light, I wouldn’t have bought this palette. 
  • These blushes have a very creamy (greasy) formula. They don’t dry down and they will wipe off throughout the day. I would like to note, however, that I tend to wear cream blushes on days that I go foundation free. They may last longer on top of foundation. 
  • The two deepest pink shades, while pretty, are basically identical on the skin. 
  • These blushes can’t really be worn on the eyes because they crease horribly. 

Swatches & Shade Descriptions:

These blushes do not have names or shade descriptions so I will describe them to the best of my ability. I’ll be going from left to right, top row to bottom row.

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  • Top Left– frosty rose gold
  • Top Middle– pale pink 
  • Top Right– deep rosy pink 
  • Bottom Left– peach
  • Bottom Middle– rosy pink
  • Bottom Right– light frosty rose gold 

In these pictures, I’m wearing the bottom middle blush as blush and on my eyelids. I’m wearing the top middle blush as highlighter and in my inner corner. 

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In this picture, I’m wearing the top right shade as blush. 

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In this picture, I’m wearing the bottom left shade as blush and the top left shade as highlighter. I’m also wearing the top left shade in my inner corner. 

thumbnail (30)

In this picture, I’m wearing the bottom right shade as highlighter. 

Final Thoughts:

I recommend this palette IF you like a ton of shimmer and primarily want to use these shades as highlighters; especially if you’re close to my skin tone or darker. I don’t technically regret buying this but I do wish I had got it on sale. I am interested in trying more from this brand, though, so let me know what you’ve tried from them! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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