e.l.f. Haul with Reviews: Putty Blushes, Face Duos, Ride or Die Lip Balms & Stay All Night Micro-Fine Mist

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I know you guys are probably going to get sick of the e.l.f. reviews but they just keep releasing really interesting products. Last week I reviewed their new Camo CC Cream and a few other base products; you can read those reviews here. I’ve also bought a good bit from their Mint Melt Collection and hope to have those reviews up in the next week or two. It’s A LOT of e.l.f. but hopefully these reviews will help ya’ll decide what you want to buy. Today I’ve got a random haul of some of their newer releases that I want to share my thoughts on. 

Putty Blushes

The Putty Blushes are $6.00 apiece and contain 0.35 ounces of product. They have a lightweight, cream formula that dries down to a semi-matte finish. I have the shades Tahiti, Bali and Caribbean. Tahiti is a neutral pink, Bali is a warm orange with brown undertones and Caribbean is a cool berry.  

I absolutely love these blushes! They are so easy to work with because they’re pigmented but not too pigmented. They’re easy to build up and blend out. I found them to be very long lasting, even on bare skin. They do dry down to a semi-matte finish but they don’t dry so fast that you can’t get them blended. These are hands down the best cream blushes I’ve tried so far and I have no complaints. 

-From left to right: Tahiti, Bali and Caribbean 

Bite Size Face Duos

The Bite Size Face Duos are $3.00 apiece. I did review the shades Watermelon and Spiced Apple a few months ago; you can see those reviews and swatches here. After reviewing them, I wanted to pick up a couple more and decided to buy White Peach and Pomegranate. White Peach contains a peach blush and peachy champagne highlighter. Pomegranate contains a berry blush and bronze highlighter. 

As I said in my previous review for these duos, the formulas for both the blushes and highlighters are just perfect. They’re quite similar to the Primer Infused Blushes, which I also love. They’re pigmented but not overly so, buildable, blendable and travel friendly. The highlighter in the Pomegranate duo is a little too dark for my skin but I’m able to make it work, plus it makes a gorgeous eyeshadow. I love these duos so much and I hope e.l.f. releases more shades. 

-From left to right: Pomegranate and White Peach 

Ride or Die Lip Balms

The Ride or Die Lip Balms are $5.00 apiece and contain 0.42 ounces of product. They’re infused with jojoba oil and claim to be an intense, hydrating lip treatment. There are clear or tinted versions available and I have the shades Mighty Mint, P.S.L. and Cheeky Cherry. I also own the shade Tough Cookie but completely forgot about it when taking these pictures🤦‍♀️ Mighty Mint is a clear shade and mint scented. P.S.L. is an orange shade and pumpkin spice scented. Cheeky Cherry is a red berry shade and cherry scented. 

These lip balms are just okay. They’re very THICK. Like, so thick you can’t hardly squeeze them out of the tube. Once they’re on the lips, they’re very sticky and while they are hydrating, they’re not hydrating enough to be worth the hassle. The tinted ones are really pretty so if you see a shade you like, I would buy it for that reason alone. These are definitely not my ride or dies and I don’t plan to buy anymore. 

-From left to right: P.S.L. and Cheeky Cherry

Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist & Hydration Stick

The Stay All Night Micro-Fine Setting Mist is $10.00 for 2.7 ounces of product. It claims to lock on makeup for 16 hours but I can’t tell you if it really does that or not. I only got to use this maybe three times before the spray nozzle stopped working. I did try it with a different nozzle and that one got clogged up too so it’s definitely the formula causing the issues. It has a very sticky formula and when I did use it, I didn’t notice it doing anything spectacular for the longevity of my makeup. It actually made my makeup look worse because it left sticky blotches of spray all over my face. This was a big ol’ waste of money and I recommend you avoid it. 

The Active Hydration Stick pictured above has been discontinued BUT it has the exact same ingredients as the Prep and Hydrate Balm so I’ve linked to that. It’s $8.00 and I can’t tell you how much product it contains because that information is not on the packaging or e.l.f.’s website. This stick is basically a hydrating primer in balm form. It does hydrate the skin and leave it feeling slightly tacky, like a primer. I do like it but it doesn’t do anything revolutionary for my makeup so I doubt I’d repurchase it. It’s kind of meh so buy it if you just really want to but I don’t think it’s necessary. 

Final Thoughts:

That’s everything for this e.l.f. haul! There were some winners and some losers but overall, e.l.f. creates products that I love. Let me know if you’re interested in or have tried any of this stuff! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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