Reviews for New SheaMoisture Products: Pink Himalayan Salt Body Cream & Coconut Hibiscus Illuminating Body Butter


I have a weird relationship with SheaMoisture. I’m almost always interested in their products but then once I buy them, I’m usually disappointed. The marketing and product descriptions pull me in but then they end up being just kind of meh. However, a couple of the new spring/summer releases caught my eye so I picked them up. I wouldn’t say they’re fantastic but I don’t totally regret buying them. All of SheaMoisture’s products are free of: parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum and animal cruelty.

The Pink Himalayan Salt Relaxing Body Cream is $10.00 and you get 8 ounces of product. Along with pink himalayan salt, it contains clary sage and neroli oil. It has a very mild, gentle scent that I really enjoy. It’s not a thick lotion so it rubs into the skin easily and isn’t greasy BUT it’s also not super hydrating. It’s just a very basic but good lotion; ideal for the hands. My main complaint isn’t with the lotion itself but with the packaging. SheaMoisture packaging in general is awful because their labels peel off in tiny flakes. As you squeeze the bottle, these flakes will get all over your hands. It’s very annoying but I do recommend the lotion if you can tolerate the packaging.

The Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Butter is $11.00 and you get 6 ounces of product. It contains coconut oil, hibiscus flower and songyi mushroom. It has a mild floral and coconut scent that I really like. It claims to leave behind a glow, hence the “illuminating,” but I never noticed any kind of glow. This is a thicker lotion and much more hydrating than the Pink Himalayan Salt Body Cream but it’s not greasy or sticky. Also, just like the Pink Himalayan Salt Body Cream, the packaging is awful and flakes off everywhere. I like this lotion but I don’t love it. I wouldn’t repurchase it because I feel it’s too expensive for what it is and how much product you get.

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve been looking at SheaMoisture’s newest releases, I hope these reviews helped you. I’d love to know if there’s something from the brand that’s a holy grail for you. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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