Modern+Chic Review: Remi Convertible Bag


Today I’m going to be reviewing the Remi Convertible Bag from Modern+Chic but I need to discuss some things first. I was an affiliate with the brand and had a 20% off discount code. I chose to leave their affiliate program because they really started pushing for video content, which is fine, but I’m a blogger. I don’t make videos and that’s not something I’m interested in doing at this time. I also didn’t care for the push to sell sell sell because again, I’m a blogger. I review things, I’m not a salesperson. I will still buy from the brand and review their products because I really love them… I just don’t love the affiliate program. 


With all of that being said, let’s talk about the Remi Convertible Bag! This bag was sent to me by the brand before I left the affiliate program so that I could share it for the Markdown Monday sale today. As of 11/15/2021, this bag is on sale for $25.20. It’s usually priced at $42.00 and will go back to that price after today. It’s available in four colors and I chose Camel. The outer material is vegan leather and the inner material is soft cloth. This bag doesn’t feel cheap or plastic-y like some vegan leather bags and is very soft. It has removable and adjustable backpack straps and a removable, leopard print, shoulder strap. I like carrying this bag by the shoulder strap alone because I don’t find the backpack straps to be super comfortable. Also, if you’re not a fan of the leopard print strap, you can use one of the backpack straps as a shoulder strap. I really love how customizable this bag is. 

The main area of this backpack has a zipper closure. Once inside the main part, there is a side pocket with a zipper and two open pockets. There is also one pocket on the outside of the bag with a zipper. This bag is quite deep but it doesn’t have a ton of organizational space. I find it works best as a regular purse and not necessarily as a diaper bag or anything like that. This bag has gold hardware that isn’t bad but it does feel cheaper than some of the other bags I’ve bought from the brand. 

👜Bag Measurements:

  • Shoulder Strap: 27 inches
  • Backpack Straps: adjust up to 39 inches
  • Height: 15 inches
  • Width: 15 inches 

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love this bag as a purse. It’s so pretty and I really like the leopard print strap. If you do purchase this today, I think my code is still active. You can use KARA20 and save 20% off but if it’s no longer active, there’s always a discount code somewhere. What do you think about the Remi Convertible Bag? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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