Book Review of “Envy” by Anna Godbersen


I usually don’t like to do back to back book reviews of books in the same series but I read Rumors and Envy by Anna Godbersen in the same weekend so I wanted to review them both while they were still fresh on my mind. To be honest, these books are so good that I’m wanting to read straight through the series and not read others in between. Envy is the third book in The Luxe Series and second to last.


The Plot

Book three begins shortly after the death of Elizabeth’s husband, Will, and Henry, Diana’s lover, marrying Penelope Hayes. Both sisters are deeply depressed but are still trying to keep up appearances. Henry, meanwhile, can’t stand his new wife that blackmailed him into marriage and refuses to even sleep in the same room with her. He’s missing Diana desperately and wants to still figure out a way to be with her. Henry plans a fishing trip to Florida with his friend, Teddy Cutting, and Penelope invites Elizabeth and Diana to go as well, just to be cruel. The group goes and while there Elizabeth becomes better friends with Teddy, who has always liked her. Diana and Henry only manage to speak in private a few times but Henry promises her he’s going to somehow leave his wife. However, while there Diana sees what she thinks is Henry and Penelope being intimate together so she vows to have nothing else to do with Henry. Shortly after the trip Elizabeth realizes she’s pregnant with Will’s child. Her mother tells her she needs to either have an abortion or get married. Elizabeth won’t have the abortion and wants to marry Teddy, who she does have feelings for, but Teddy has enlisted in the army and has already been shipped out. Her father’s former associate and family friend, Snowden Cairns, knows her situation and offers to marry her in a marriage of convenience. Elizabeth agrees and the two marry. Meanwhile, Diana is trying to make Henry jealous by dating Penelope’s brother, Grayson. Grayson is actually falling for Diana and when Henry sees this he decides to follow after his friend Teddy and enlist in the army.

My Thoughts

Like books one and two, three did not disappoint. I love that Elizabeth was able to marry such a good man and can keep her child. However, I feel so sorry for Diana. I just want her to have her happy ending with Henry; but maybe that’s coming in book four. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything wraps up in the final book and as unrealistic as it is I want everyone to have a happy ending, well except maybe Penelope, haha.

These first three books have been so enjoyable to read and I’m sure the last one will be no different. If you’ve read these books before let me know what you thought about them or let me know if they seem interesting to you! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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