My Reason To Blog

Hello dear reader! I assume if you are reading this that you are interested in why I wanted to start a blog. However, I would like to start off with just some general stuff for how I plan to structure my posts. First, I enjoy typing in a conversational tone. I will always try to use proper grammar but I will make mistakes that I hope can be overlooked. I’m not interested in every post sounding like a grad paper haha. Second, I am not a “beauty guru”. I love makeup and have been wearing it for about ten years (I’m twenty-four, by the way) but I didn’t really get into makeup until this past year. Third, I’m mainly going to be reviewing books and makeup but that doesn’t mean I won’t post about anything else. I have a wonderful husband, the cutest pets and some not so wonderful things, like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, that I may want to blog about every once in a while. Now for my reason to blog; it seemed fun. I’m opinionated and wanted somewhere to share those thoughts. I also would like to help others find that next great book or that perfect budget friendly dupe for the higher end makeup. I think that pretty much covers everything. Thanks for reading!

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