Book Review of “YOU” by Caroline Kepnes


Thrillers are not typically a genre that I enjoy but my brother suggested the book YOU by Caroline Kepnes, and wow what a story. The book starts out innocently enough with Joe Goldberg, a handsome young clerk working in a book store. One day Guinevere Beck, who goes by Beck, happens to come into the book store. She makes a purchase and Joe does what every creepy guy does and Googles the name on the credit card. From there it tuns into a true love story, too bad Beck isn’t aware that she’s in this relationship. However, that’s not a problem for ol’Joe as he inserts himself into her life because he knows they’re meant to be. From there you witness their relationship grow and see the depths that Joe is willing to go to to possess her.

I read this book over a two day period. It was very well written and suspenseful. I have two main issues with the book. One, all the sex. This book honestly does not go more than two pages without graphic sexual content. I do not mind sex when it adds to the story but at times this was just too much. Two, all the characters, except Joe, were extremely annoying and unlikable. Joe is just a psychopath but he’s entertaining. Of course, all of that is just my opinion and you may love the characters.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Will I read it again? No, probably not, but I do plan to read the sequel Hidden Bodies very soon, which I will review as well. That’s pretty much it. If you’re looking for a fairly quick read with a lot of suspense and creepiness give it a try! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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