e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator Review


Before I used these I had never tried a lip exfoliator  before. When e.l.f. (Eyes. Lips. Face.) had one of their big sales not too long ago I picked up the Brown Sugar basic lip exfoliator. Then this past week I bought an e.l.f. Christmas gift set and got the Sweet Cherry exfoliator in it. There are four other scents/flavors that I don’t have. They are  Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut and Mint. Out of the two of these I think the Brown Sugar is my favorite. I prefer the scent and taste. As far as how well they exfoliate neither one of these changed my life but I do enjoy them. I feel they make my lips softer, but to be honest I could live without them. Maybe if you had very chapped lips often this would be something you would need more . These are only $3.00 and they’re worth trying for that price. Also, all e.l.f. cosmetics and skin care are cruelty free. If you struggle with really dry or chapped lips I say give these a try. Hope that short review was helpful and you have a wonderful day!







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