Book Review of “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory


Historical fiction is my all time favorite genre and my fantastic brother got me the newest Philippa Gregory book for Christmas. This book is the latest in the Tudor Court series, Three Sisters, Three Queens. I have the entire Tudor Court series and plan to review them all from the beginning. I hate to go out of order but I wanted to go over this one since I just finished reading it.

I loved this book. It was entertaining all the way through with no dull spots. The story revolves around Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England, and Mary Tudor, Queen of France. Margaret and Mary are sisters by birth and sisters to the infamous King Henry VIII Tudor, the one that had six wives. Katherine married King Henry making her the Queen of England. The entire book is told from the point of view of Margaret. She is self-righteous, snobby, immature and should be unlikable but I really enjoyed her character. You see a lot of growth from her throughout the novel. I feel that Gregory did a great job of showing her grow up and change into a mature and wise Queen despite all of the hardships she faced in her life.

What I love most about Philippa Gregory’s books is that they are so well researched. Of course, not everything is fact but so much of the story is based on real events and real people. It makes this already interesting time in history really come to life. As I’ve said in previous book reviews I don’t like to give spoilers but if you like historical fiction I would recommend starting with the first book in this series, The Other Boleyn Girl, and work your way up to this one. However, the great thing about these books is that they don’t have to be read in order to be understood, you will just be more immersed in the story if you start from the beginning. If it’s not obvious I can’t recommend these books enough! I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a wonderful day!

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