Book Review of “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes


Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes is the sequel to YOU, which I reviewed about a month ago. I would classify it as a suspense or thriller novel just like the first one. This is not typically a genre I go for but I’m trying to branch out on my reading choices. I wouldn’t say that I hated or loved this book. Honestly, I am completely indifferent to it. Unlike YOU, Hidden Bodies was a struggle to get through.

*Slight Spoilers*

The story picks up pretty much right where the first one left off. Joe Goldberg now has a new girlfriend, Amy, and everything is great, until it’s not. Turns out Amy isn’t who he thinks she is and she ends up leaving him to move to California to become an actress. The rest of the book is Joe also moving to California to find her and getting up to his usual psychopathic, murderous antics. Eventually he gets over her and moves on to an extremely wealthy woman with major family issues. Some of his crimes eventually catch up to him as he’s living the life of luxury, he gets arrested and then the book just ends without any kind of closure.

Not only was this book boring and hard to get through, I also have the same complaints I had about YOU. One, there was way too much pointless, graphic sex. I don’t care if sex is in stories. I like romance and I don’t mind if it’s descriptive to a point, but this reads like  porn and that’s not my thing. Two, the characters are obnoxious and unlikable. I liked Joe in the first book but I didn’t even like him in this one. All of this is of course just my opinion and you may love this book. Let me know if you’ve read YOU or Hidden Bodies! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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