Book Review of “In a Dark, Dark Wood” by Ruth Ware


As soon as I finished reading Bellman & Black I started In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. By coincidence, both of these books were set in England. However, In a Dark, Dark Wood is set in modern times and is pretty much garbage while Bellman & Black was wonderful. I really did not like this book and I will tell you why.

To summarize our main character is Nora, a reclusive writer. She doesn’t have a boyfriend or many friends and spends her time writing or running. She gets invited to an old friend’s weekend long Bachelorette party and doesn’t want to go but let’s another old friend talk her into it. She gets there and finds out that her old friend is marrying her ex-boyfriend who she hasn’t gotten over, even though it’s been ten years. A lot of shenanigans happen, like a ouija board spelling out “murderer”, and then surprise, surprise somebody ends up dead.

This honestly was one of the most predictable books I have ever read. I’m not a genius or anything but I figured out what was going on like half way through. The “villain” in the story is like a bad copy of the main character in Gone GirlIf you want a good mystery I (obviously) recommend Gone Girl. If you just want a book to kill time with, In a Dark, Dark Wood would be good for that. As always, this is just my opinion. If this is your favorite book then that’s great. Let me know if you’ve read this and what you thought! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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