Weekend Trip to Georgia: Aquarium and Spartan Sprint!

Beautiful sunrise a day before we left.

Sometimes you just need to get away and luckily my husband, James, and I got to do just that this past weekend. We went to Conyers and Atlanta, Georgia to go to the aquarium and so James could do a Spartan Sprint. James is definitely the most athletic of the two of us and had been wanting to do this sprint for quite awhile. For those that may not know, a Spartan Sprint is an obstacle course that is over four miles long; this one was anyways, others are different lengths. He did a fantastic job, I would have died haha. If you’re interested have a look at the pictures from our weekend!

Before and after the Sprint, big difference!

These were just a few of the obstacles that I could get pictures of. A lot of them were in the woods and couldn’t be seen by spectators.

I couldn’t get too many pictures at the Georgia Aquarium because it was super crowded but these were a few that I was able to take. It was a beautiful aquarium and we had so much fun!


As much fun as we had, we were ready to come home. I love to travel but I miss my pets and just the comfort of my own house. I hope you also had a wonderful weekend! Let me know what you did! Also, I have a very large book order on the way. I discovered a website called ThriftBooks and I foresee myself spending way too much money there. If you like to read I would go check it out because they have some amazing deals. If you like my book reviews I’ll have the new ones up just as fast as I can read them! Anyways, thank you for reading about our weekend and have a great day!

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