Review of The STD Demon Movie (also known as “It Follows”)


I typically don’t review movies, TV shows or books that I hate. If I hate it odds are I didn’t even finish it, so therefore I wouldn’t be able to review it. However, I watched a movie so hilariously bad that I feel like I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell (warn) you about it. So, what am I talking about? It Follows is what I’m talking about. It Follows is a supernatural, psychological horror movie released in 2014. I had never heard of this movie until I stumbled across it on Netflix. As I always do, I’ll tell you the synopsis of the movie and then my thoughts.


The Synopsis

Annie Marshall is running from something only she can see. She runs to the ocean and calls her parents to say goodbye. The next morning her horribly mutilated body is found in that spot. Soon after another girl, Jay, goes on a date with her new boyfriend, Hugh. The date is odd because Hugh can see a girl that Jay can’t see and he wants to end the date early. They decide to go on another date and they end up having sex. After they have sex, Hugh knocks Jay out and ties her up. He then explains to her that an evil entity will follow her until it catches her. The only way she can get rid of this entity is to have sex with someone else and “pass it on”. The entity can only move at a slow, walking pace so Jay can run. However, the entity can take the form of any person. Hugh then disappears and Jay tries to go on with her life but she keeps seeing the entity. She tells her friends and they want to help her. She ends up having sex with her friend and neighbor, Greg. Greg doesn’t believe the entity exists but he ends up being killed by it (it rapes him to death and no, I’m not joking). Jay and her other friends still try to kill the entity but they fail to do so. Jay and her friend Paul then have sex and the movie concludes with them walking down the street, holding hands while the entity follows behind them.

My Thoughts

This might be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The characters are all cringey and totally unrealistic. The storyline lacks any detail or explanation. What is the entity? Why is the entity doing this? Who started this “demon STD”? Nobody knows because this movie doesn’t explain anything. However, I did read that there may be a sequel that will explain where the entity came from but I doubt I will watch it. This movie is laughably bad and not scary at all. I don’t understand all the good reviews but we all have different opinions and that’s fine.

If you like this movie, please do not be offended by my opinion. We all enjoy different things and that’s what keeps the world interesting. If you want to watch a hilarious “scary” movie I say go kill an hour and forty minutes with this. Let me know what scary, or so bad it’s scary, movie I need to watch next! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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