Youtube Channels You Need to Binge Watch in October

I recently discovered something wonderful, the creepy side of Youtube. I have been binge watching three channels in particular. If you’re a fan of true crime and paranormal shows like: Unsolved Mysteries, Deadly Women, DatelineA HauntingGhost Hunters, etc. then these channels were made for you.


  1. Cayleigh Elise -Cayleigh’s channel is filled with true crime stories, things that she has written, unsolved cases and paranormal videos. My two favorite series of hers is “Dark Matters” and “Nameless”.


2. Rob Dyke -Rob’s channel is basically the same content as Cayleigh’s but with his own spin on it, of course. He also has a lot of comedy videos. My favorite series of his is “Anatomy of a Murder/Serial Killer Files”.

3. Let’s Read! -This channel is a bit of a mystery because it’s just a guy who has an amazing voice reading these true crime, paranormal and Creepypasta stories that he gets submitted from places like Reddit. I have no idea what his face looks like but he is SO enjoyable to listen to.

That’s my top three, and only three, “creepy” channels I watch. I would love to know if you know of anymore channels like these out there. Also, let me know if you watch these three. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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